The Octave Universe

Some time ago, the Octave “universe” was introduced to us. The Octave streamer, server and player software. Then it were removed from the webpage and we were told to expect it soon. Since then I have been waiting. Now the Airlens is announced. Not the same thing at all. Probably really good, but far from expectations.

What is the plan?

I’m getting more and more confused. I’ve been waiting a long time for this Octave universe and for the new DAC. Every time they are announced it seems the releases are postponed.

I would love to understand the roadmaps and what we realistically can expect when?

My text might seem a bit harsh, but as a fan and customer I genuinely would like to know. Might even be so that it has some general interest in this group.

Kind regards


Hate to be the bearer of bad news but only the streamer survived. The rest of the “family” didn’t make it. :cry:

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Yup, next up in the digital offerings look like the AirLens and DS MKII.

Speaker wise I am guessing FR20.

I personally would like to see a stereo amp that takes advantage of the 600’s tech.