The P10 power plants selling fast on the used market!

I saw another PSA P10 show up on The Music Rooms fresh arrival site and it was gone in 24 hours. The last one ended up selling just as fast! $2699 was the listing price! I was too slow on the trigger again! I’m still somewhat undecided on whether I want a PS Audio regenerator or a Audioquest Niagara 5000 power conditioner. My budget is around $3000 to $3500. I would definitely like to try regenerator and see how clean my power is coming into the system. I would also like to hear what it will do for my current set up. Which is why are used P10 is appealing to me. Maybe I will save up a little more step in to a P15 or P 20!

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I have a P10 and a P15. If you can save up. . . the P15 is a step up from the P10, but both are excellent. I think they offer more than a Niagra 5000 would–though that is just my experience with other power conditioners in comparison to the power regenerators, I have none with the Audioquest.


I bought a P12 last Fall when PSA had their regenerater sale. It’s astonishing how much improvement you get in the sound. I certainly wasn’t using a high end filter, just a humble Adcom ACE-515. The regenerater was worth it in my opinion. My power needs are modest so I could get by with the P12. I really don’t think I’ve ever seen it running higher than 15% capacity but the M1200s, being class D, don’t need much to shake the house.


I’ve considered the P12 but I need the extra bank of high current outlets for my subs that’s why I’m steering toward P10, P15, or dare I say P20?

I’m probably one of the few who doesn’t believe in subs for music. Oh, I know, my magnepan’s can’t pull off that super low, loud bass but given all the other buttons they push for me I find that acceptable. Also, with class D M1200s, I don’t really have any large draw items.

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I don’t use subs for super low, loud bass at all. They provide the foundation that all other frequencies rely on. Once you’ve heard well integrated subs I doubt you’ll ever go back.

That said, I don’t find any value in running my subs on my P10. They simply don’t sound any different vs. plugged into a shared 15a circuit to me.

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It’s quite possible you’re right about the sub. Magnepans are really fussy to place in a room. I’ve had mine a couple years and I still bet someone more skilled than myself could place them better for improved sound. I’ve order Paul’s book and CD. My hope is that will help me with final placement. Oddly, the bass hole I hear in the system is not deep bass but mid bass.

I don’t know if the subs will sound better or worse with a regenerator but I like have the protection in case of a surge. When I run a dedicated 20 amp line I plan on having a dedicated outlet behind the subs if I plan on running them direct into to outlet.

That was my issue in my room and with my speakers, the mid-bass. What made me happy was adding the Decware ZROCK2 tubed EQ unit. I’ve become addicted to that thing–I have the fully modded one in my main system and two other differently optioned ones in the other two systems. I’m afraid I can’t live without one now. The purist audiophile me of three or four years now would not believe it.

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I’d never heard of those before today. When I had my Kef 105/3s I used their Cube 200 EQ and wouldn’t want to listen to those speakers without it so I wouldn’t be opposed to an EQ. Looks like I’d need to give up my balanced connections to the amp or run it through a tape loop. How do you have yours hooked into your system, between the preamp and amps or in a processor loop?

Between one preamp and another. :wink: I use a balanced Decware ZTPRE preamp with my source (DSD and GCPH, and GCPH through the DSD) and then from the ZTPRE to a Decware ZBIT (balanced to single-ended transformer unit with adjustable gain) to the ZROCK2, and then from the ZROCK2 to a Decware CSP3 preamp with the 25th Anniversary mods, and from there to my pair of Decware SE84UFO3 Monoblocks with the 25th Anniversary Mods. I’ve tried to do without one of the preamps but both together take me to another level. I can adjust and “ride the gain” from source, both preamps, the Monoblocks, and the ZBIT as well as the gain increases with the EQ on the ZROCK2. This gain structure really allows me to sculpt the sound with various tube complements in tandem with the settings on the P15.

My JL Audio subs are game changers! When I first got them they weren’t a necessity for my hybrid electrostats but definitely helped the overall sound! I since upgraded to the Martin Logan CLX speakers and the subs are a requirement with the CLX, there is light mid bass without the subs but with the subs its magic! Properly set up with well integrated subwoofer(s) (yes two or more is also a necessity!) Is the ultimate way to experience all types of music!

Go big or go home, P20 all the way! It was a big step up from my P10. Double the output devices / half the impedence of the P15/10 for 25% more money. Now that is value brother! Side benefit, you won’t ever get the urge to upgrade later. We know you Paul!

Until the P25 comes out.

Yes. It seems you do know me. :cry:

P25, that must be a Big unit. If you notice the P numbers follow the continuous VA. P12 = 1200VA, P15 = 1500VA, P20 = 2000VA

Ok then a P9million. We’re rarely satisfied for long.

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P25 = 2500VA. You will need a 30amp dedicated circuit for that baby!!
The bigger the regenerator, the better it sounds. The analogy would be a bigger transformer and larger capacitor banks in an amp. Much better flow of current and bigger headroom of power.
I started with a P12 and the sound is marvelous, much better than all the power conditioners I used in the past. I really surprised me how much improvement a regenerator can make. I didn’t think it can get any better.
When I got the P20, it took my system to a level I have not imagined!! A feeling of ease and uncompress dynamics!! The P20 is in another league!! I’m looking forward to a P25.

A P15 was on the Music Room classifieds and sold in a couple hours! These regenerators are red hot sellers!

Happy PS Audio Forum Anniversary Paul :tada: