The perfect system!

I like to share a picture of my system. Nothing special, but what a great system this is!

This week I worked on a few aspects in my sysytem that I heard in a system of an other forum member.
One of the aspects were the timing of the Subwoofer with the fronts. Now the timing is 100% the low frequencies became more musical and stronger.

I also worked on the cleareness and neutrality. I removed my Shumann resonater and added a few chips instead. Without the resonator the soundstage was a bit blurred. But with chips on the fronts and a chip on the DC cable of the pre-amp and one chip on the powercable of the sub the system realy dissapeared. The chips took over the Job of the resonator and does an even better job. I still can’t believe how perfect the system sounds. I mean it only changed a few percent, but it doubled the joy to listen.

This is the system that I can listen to without thoughts to change anything. It has a deep and wide soundstage. Bass and fronts are one, the midrange has enough and neutral body the hights are crisp and fast like lightning.



To what chips do you refer?

I refer to the WA quantum chips the cable chips. The loudspeaker chips are a bit to much for my current loudspeakers, they worked great on my previous Kef reference. So I tried a set cable chips for the fronts and they are just perfect. With cable chips it is important to keep in mind they could influence near by placed cables and equipment. So be careful with the use on powerstrips it can be to much to compensate all cabling at once. So for the sub I placed it in the mittle of the cable.

Love that custom wijnand pre amp! I was very impressed with your build.77_gif

Looks really nice, share a secret, please, how much did you spend? Thanks