RMAF Photos



Care to list all of the components for the less initiated among us…?

I hope the show is a success in general, and for PS Audio in particular.

The thread title says photos, I only see one?

All the best to you PS Audio and thank you for manufacturing these gems.

Truly outstanding:

2 pcs P20 for mono BHK amps

1 pc P10 for front end.

Unstoppable and at the same time you are showing the world the ideal use of multiple power regeneration.

I am on the way copying your set up and will do mono BHK Signature preamps.

Looks like:

2 - P20 [unreleased super power regenerator, feeding amps, left one most likely running sub]

1 - P10 [power regenerator feeding front end components]

BHK Signature Preamp

2 - BHK 300 mono power amps

Directstream Memory Player [SACDs & CDs]

Directstream DAC

Focal Sopra speakers [either the 2 or 3, easily checked]

Unknown subwoofer, and cables

Paul, why did you choose to put the P20s to the outside of amps? I’m thinking one way ICs run past the P20s, your setup has speaker wires running behind P20. Was one way quieter than the other?

That’s a lot of toe-in on those Focals! I’ll bet the front two seats sound great. The back, maybe not as much!

The Sopra’s are wider dispersion speakers, the sound is quite uniform where ever you are sitting. FWIW I like my JMLab (Focal) speakers to all be pointed right at my ears.

Were the P20s actually connected to anything? There only seems to be a single thick power cable going to the right of the picture and that seems to be connected to the P10.

The subwoofer looks to be a REL 212SE - but why only one???

Nice photo overall.

When can we expect an MSRP for the P20?

RMAF-3.jpgThere are two REL subs, one on each side. The P20 each power a BHK mono 300 and a REL. The single P10 runs all the source equipment.

The basic system is a DMP for the only source (playing ripped discs and memory sticks), DirectStream DAC, BHK Preamp, and all wired together with MG Audio cables. HDMI between the DMP and DirectStream is our own stock cable that came with the DMP (still unmatched - even after several manufacturers tried their own at the show).

The setup is different than we’ve done before. REL’s John Hunter used his Master setup technique to dial the system in. Never seen anything quite like it before but it was great. As Ted mentioned, you could enjoy good imaging anywhere in the room - something you might not think would happen with the toe in.

Always learning!


The P20 chassis is pure eye-candy, except for those handles on the front. I hope we have the option of buying a P20 without the handles.

I am curious why none of that PS Audio hardware on display is sitting on a PS Audio power base.

brodricj said

The P20 chassis is pure eye-candy, except for those handles on the front.

It looks fairly butch and I like them, though I can see where a pair of official PS Audio shin guards might come in handy.

brodricj said

The P20 chassis is pure eye-candy, except for those handles on the front. I hope we have the option of buying a P20 without the handles.

"Nope" was Paul's response to removable handles in http://www.psaudio.com/forum/ac-power-forum/new-p20-more-details-please/page-2/ Post #51

Oh…I wonder if the handles are necessary for HSE reasons, or product certification reasons, or some other reason? I assume the case work is sub-contracted out to another manufacturer, and that holes are drilled in the front of the chassis for the handles before it gets to PS Audio HQ. How feasible would a special order be to tell the chassis manufacturer “don’t drill the holes in this one”. The handles turn it into an Industrial looking piece and I think it diminishes from the established aesthetic of the DirectStream/PureStream genre.


I like the handles.

Hey, actually I think they are great!

Guess it is all a matter of taste!


I really like the handles too. Being the biggest, most macho power regenerator, I think they fit perfectly.

Plus, if you buy one, you will appreciate having them when you have to move it.

But, as someone mentioned, at some point in the machining process, the faceplate has to be drilled.

Paul, maybe you could have them skip the drilling on a half dozen of the first run. Charge a premium, to purchase an extra faceplate. That way, those who are convinced they can’t live with the handles, even though it will bring sonic improvements beyond any other available power conditioner, can have it without handles.

Get it in black, the handles won’t be as obvious.

sheridd2 said

The thread title says photos, I only see one?

There you go. I posted a picture of the father next to his new baby. And here’s another one…

(photos sourced from https://www.stereo.net.au/news/ps-audio-debuts-p20-power-plant)

bruces said

I like the handles.

Hey, actually I think they are great!

Guess it is all a matter of taste!

Not only a matter of taste, but a matter of physical practicality of installation for those who wish to install P20 in a sever rack. If the handles protrude more than about 60mm from the chassis face then you won't be able to flush mount it in a standard 19 inch server rack. You'd need to recess mount it in order to close the server rack door.

Build a bigger rack.

Saw off the handles.

Do you know the P20 will fit a (current) standard server rack?

Chances are the bolts that secure the handles go much deeper and perhaps also secure other internal parts.

I personally love the handles and their aesthetic. Those at the show were in love with what they saw - or at least the people that spoke to me were. Maybe the naysayers didn’t speak up? Aesthetics are a tough thing because not everyone likes what others like.

If I had my druthers I’d see all the P10/BHK/P20 beasts have handles - but that’s just me. I too love the sleek and minimal lines of the product, but seeing them all together - the P20 sitting next to the P10 - maybe me lust after the P20 and its handles and aesthetic.

One fellow came up to me at the show and said: “if you make the BHK M300 in the same tall chassis with handles as the P20, I will be first in line to buy a pair”.

I had to agree with him. Maybe you had to be there? Maybe the pictures don’t do it justice? Or, maybe we all have different views on what does and doesn’t look good and appealing.