The Perfect Wave

My new refurbished PWT has been sitting idle waiting for the arrival of a dac which finally arrives tomorrow,…

At the moment I’m completely unfamiliar with the PWT and my question is , do I need to hook up the Perfect Wave to an Eithernet connection to spin some music ?,…

Hi @bluenose,

No you do not. The PWT is a transport that only spins disks. The connection for the internet is to enable the unit to look for information about the disk(CD only) it is about to play if it doesn’t find the track or cover-art information on the disk itself. See below from the manual. When the PWT is connected to the internet it allows the unit to access the “Playlist” function on the PS Audio server. The Playlist is a function where the PWT (or DMP) copies the disc information it is playing to the PS Audio server using a unique code for the unit - e.g it builds a list of what disks have been played on the unit. The list is editable via the My PS “tab” / Playlist when you are logged in to the PS Audio website.

If you want to keep your playlist up to date you will likely spend (many) happy hours editing it as in my experience the PWT (or DMP) unit frequently does not find the cover-art/track information on the disc(s) you play and will also fail to find one or other on the internet data-bases it searches. When this happens the entry for the disc is listed as ‘unknown’, the cover-art will not be a picture of the album but instead it defaults to the PS Audio logo (i.e. white wave with blue background) and most likely the track list (track name, track time, artist) entries will be missing. These can be manually entered by you.

CONNECTING TO THE INTERNET The PWT will automatically download the cover art and song titles of inserted CDs (but not DVD’s) if it is connected to the Internet. DVD’s display song titles on the PWT, and these can be viewed from the song title screen accessed by touching the cover art/PS logo on the screen when playing a DVD. To connect to the Internet you must plug in a network enabled Ethernet cable in the back of the PWT. This connection should be to an Internet connected router or through a wireless Ethernet bridge connected to a router.

Thank you for the reply Frank ,