PWT Connectivity

My Pwt is very sporadic in its connections and I have it connected to the same router as my ds and Krell connect which both are not having any issue. I don’t know what the problem is because the front display shows it as connected and i see it in the routers device list but i cant access the webpage and its not updating my playlist…if I play a disc thats already in the memory its functions fine but any disc not in memory shows no info and I think its a connectivity issue but I was wanting to find out if anyone else is experiencing this issue before i contact the service department.

The internet connectivity can be very spotty - trying to resolve it with Alex at PS Audio. Hard wired ethernet improves the connectivity somewhat but I have items appearing on my playlist that the PWT does not indicate that it has recognized

I’m having a different problem that may, nevertheless, be related.

Yesterday, I noticed that my PS Audio Playlist was not picking up any of the CDs I was playing, even those that I had played before and that had shown up with the album art and track info on the PWT display.

The PWT does not display any of the track info or album art of CDs I’m playing.

Anybody else having this problem?

Is it a problem with the PS Audio server, or is it a problem with my system?

“Memory” shows up as “OK,” as does “Internet” on the display.

Five minutes later:

I just went to “Control” under “My PS,” and I found that it indicates that my PWT is “Offline,” when, in fact, it is not offline. It is playing as I type.

Any ideas about how to fix this?

Somehow the PWT seems not to be communicating with the server. I just checked and the server seems ok. Maybe reboot the device, make sure the path to the internet is clear between the two.

I have similar issues. When I play a CD it shows up on the playlist and is listed if it is known otherwise it says unknown. Hardly ever do I get cover art. I do not think that it is a connection problem. When I do get cover art it is often wrong.

Paul McGowan said Somehow the PWT seems not to be communicating with the server. I just checked and the server seems ok. Maybe reboot the device, make sure the path to the internet is clear between the two.
Thank you, Paul, for advising.

I rebooted the PWT (turned it off overnight) and put in a CD this morning and experienced the same issue.

I’ll try another path to my modem and thus to the PS Audio server.

We’ll see whether this fixes the problem.

All other Internet devices and functions in my household seem to be working fine.

This feature was functioning perfectly till a couple days ago.


I just did another reboot, and now everything is working fine.

Excellent news!

I am having similar problems. I purchased a Linksys wireless extender/bridge and connected to the PWT last night. I registered the PWT and even though the front panel indicates “Internet OK” and the device shows on my wireless network, Control states my PWT is “offline”. I unplugged the PWT last night and plugged it back in this evening to reboot and it is still a no go. The manual doesn’t provide any details and presents the function as automatic provided the PWT is registered. Surely the PS Audio server has information for Fourplay, Steely Dan, Crosby Stills & Nash or Diane Krall!

There is an obvious issue here since the TV and the DVD player using exactly the same connection function without so much as a hiccup. Clearly it isn’t a connection issue on the network since other devices have a better connection than previously. Perhaps Paul or one of the tech staff can provide a solution to this problem.

It sounds like your connection is indeed ok. Can you contact us by phone? I will have to ask one of our tech people to assist you. It’s not my area of expertise.

Hi smilach,

What does it say at the top of the PWT display screen when you put in a disc? There are a few messages that come up there that might give a clue.

Also, just to be complete, if something happens to the files on the SD card in the back of the PWT, it will prevent the information from being downloaded properly. A clean SD card may fix things up.


Hi Dave - Originally the messages were “Internet OK” and “Memory OK”. Looking at it just now the messages are “Internet OK” and “No Memory”. When you say a “clean” SD card, is that one w/o the Yale firmware or any other files?

Yes. SD card, formatted FAT-16 or FAT-32 and no files. Actually, having files on it is not really a problem. As for size, in my PWD I have used 2GB and 256MB SD cards. The required memory space for art display is tiny.



Wingsounds has it right. What I mean by clean SD card is one that doesn’t have any corrupted files on it. If you have one with Yale on it, you could just delete any files that are on it. Or if the SD card that was in the PWT before is still good, just erase what is on it.

The messages you mention are what you see after the PWT has finished the metadata acquisition process. If you watch those messages while it is loading a new album, you will see other messages. The process is that the PWT first looks on the SD card, then goes to the PS Audio Databases for info. The track info comes first and you see a message to that effect (usually pretty short) then it looks for cover art. That message stays up longer. If there are errors, some other messages appear.

Thank you for your input! I pulled the SD card and deleted the Yale files. After reinserting in the PWT everything worked great!

Just as a reminder (although a bit late for smilach) I make a habit of having a backup of all files on the card before erasing it. At least, this is my slightly paranoid habit but I do recommend this practice for everyone. Better to have the files and not need them than to need and not have.


I am having some issues with the album art and track list as well with the PWT. When I insert a disc the message says downloading track list then a red message “info not found” then it starts downloading album art then a red message “art not found” then it is ready to play. I check the control menu at ps audio - and at least the track list is there for each CD i tried this with - in half the cases the album art is there as well. The status on the PWT says internet OK, memory OK. I erased all the files on the SD card and have the PWT hard wired to my network.

Any idea what is going on (or not going on)


I should also mention that I have a P3 which in my control tab - says its online - its not even plugged in yet and definitely no connect to the network. The PWT says its offline but it is on the network and powered up


On your P3, I assume the IP light is not lit. If that is true, then it appears there’s a bug in the control webpage. I’ll ask our programmer to look into it. Although we are having some other website issues that are being worked on at the moment. Getting to this bug may take awhile.

On the PWT. Have there been any changes to your network, firewall, or antivirus systems recently? The PWT is sensitive to such things.

I believe there is a bug on the page since there is no physical connection between the P3 and the network. It’s not even plugged in. I plugged it in once and physically connected it to the internet to check the configuration and unplugged both RJ45 and the power and it has been that way ever since. Yet your site says its on line and configurable

The PWT I had connected physically to the network numerous times, upgraded the firmware - was able to recieve playlists and some album art - but my control page says disconnected. I am now trying to get it to work with a wireless bridge but am getting the file r/w error on both the playlist and album art downloads. In my mind it cant be the network since I can get it to work with a wired connect.

You would have to try to get buggier than that

Do you have instructions on how to configure the vonet wireless bridge to work with your product?

Thanx for the input

Thanks for the info. We’ll look into the My_PS bug.

We see people with wireless connection problems occasionally that get fixed with a wired connection. There are a number of latency/bandwidth/protocol differences between wired and wireless. It is not fair to say if one works the other should work.

I’d like to request that you try a wired network as a test first. If we can get that to work, then there are some things we can try to get the wireless to work.