The PS Audio virtual tour is up!

I just received the link to the highly anticipated virtual tour! Enjoy


Yeah! I “took” it yesterday after I got off the phone with PSA.

Just took the tour. Would love to see it in person someday, hopefully soon!

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Very entertaining and insightful! If those BHK 300’s connected to the IRS V’s need a new home once the are replaced by the 600’s let me know! :+1:

Should be fun! I need to work it into my schedule.

Paul thank you so much for your tour!!

An amazing choreography of so many elements
to PS Audio design, production, sales components.

Truly impressive…

Again thanks!!!

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This is great. Thank you indeed. Reminds me ofJohn Atkinson’s visit 3 years back


Nice. Paul’s passion for what he does consistently shows.
And yeah, @Paul, I’ll order the book!

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Is it just me or did there seem to be quite a bit of gear being repaired? I know it’s relative to the volume of sales.

I sure it’s relative to the quantity being sold. What stuck out to me is the Pass Labs amplifier by Gus’s reference Sony speakers! Lol

Get the guy a BHK from the first floor!

All kidding aside Pass amplifiers are fantastic! So don’t start trolling me Pass fans! I’m a big fan of Nelson Pass and I guess Gus Skinas is also!

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Very impressive, but where are the robots?!

If you sell thousands of units of anything, you are bound to have some issues. The important thing is PS Audio is standing behind their product and making it right.


I wouldn’t say that many being repaired. Most of the engineering labs I’ve worked in of similar size have way more products being repaired!! Haha,

Pretty amazing access. i’m sure it was kinda cleaned up to hide anything too confidential but yeah, impressive access for sure. Heck the whiteboards weren’t even scrubbed, and lots of times there can be some pretty juicy info on those. I guess key is do it on a Saturday when none of the nervous lawyers are around to stop Paul from showing anything he wants! Kudos, well done

The video was very enjoyable. Paul is so at ease doing these type of videos. I may never make it out to CO to see how they make the sausage, but it is nice to see what goes on behind the scenes.

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Indeed, that’s why we’re here, to serve our community. When a company has been around for 45 plus years and when that company sells thousands upon thousands of units a year, you’re going to have repairs.

Funny story. We just got a BHK preamp in for warranty repair. Someone had drilled through the power transformer and the circuit boards. Big holes, drilled straight through.

We get all kinds.


@Paul The “thousands upon thousands” was part of my point I was trying to understand above. Repairs are relative to volume. What I didn’t understand was the volume. In another thread I asked a question about repair turnaround and ended up having a great exchange with @jamesh. I currently have a BHK Pre and a DS and am looking at the BHK 250. I was hesitating until I heard more about failures and turnaround time.

I lead a Team which consumes quite a bit of data center gear including 1000 physical blades, large IBM P8 and P9 hosts and flash arrays we measure in Petabytes. Needless to say, I am familiar with failure rates for enterprise caliber gear. But, in the case of work I have a firm understanding of those rates. With audio gear it’s hard to know. I don’t think I’ve seen MTBF rates for audio gear published.

Thanks for weighing in, I really appreciate it.

BTW - I purchased your book and am really enjoying it. Super insights. Thanks!

One more vid reflection:

My takeaway was that you could tell that Paul is a great leader. Even masked you could see the respect for him from every team member. That in itself says quite a bit about the company and the product.


I’ve talked to TJ on the phone, so it was great to attach a face to a voice. I somehow can’t help but think I’ve seen him before. Just can’t put my finger on it.


My American wife said, after seeing the video, that it’s like watching Mr Rodgers for hi fi. So charming, pleasant, positive, enthusiastic. :+1: