Took a tour, thanks PS

Just wanted to thank PS Audio, their staff and obviously Paul for opening up their facility and allowing people to take a tour. A few days ago when on a trip to Utah for some skiing we (girlfriend and myself) stopped by Denver on our drive home to Ohio. As others have stated many times it’s was great to see the inside of this company, how friendly every employee was and all the cool stuff they get to play with I mean “work” with. I was super impressed by the entire experience which ended with those amazing infinity speakers (I own the old Kappa 8.1’s).

Not once did they try to sell me anything or push their products on me, just a simple tour, even my girlfriend who is new to this audio stuff… really enjoyed it!

I have been needing to upgrade my amps and a few other components for a while, trying to do research… PS Audio was among the final 3 amplifiers I was considering and after this experience at least a pair of stellar M700’s will be ordered in the near future. In time I will step up the the BHK line however better speakers will be required first.


Thanks for stopping by! I think I was the one showing you and your girlfriend around - it was a pleasure getting to take you on the tour. It’s definitely fun to get to show folks PS HQ.

Glad to hear you had fun on the detour into Boulder!

Choosing products should involve looking at the company behind the product. You might pay more for long history, deep R&D resources, local manufacturing, and great customer service, but all that support adds to the value you’d be getting.

Thanks for this kind note! Glad you came by and super happy you got a chance to hear the IRSV.

I know some people are a bit wary of walking into what they fear might be something similar to a time share sales experience but as this writer suggests, we don’t. It’s a fun tour designed to just show you a good time.

Thanks for letting people know.

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