The Sprout100, Paul McGowan, and the first step

Alright Mr. McGowan I’m on to you… Just get them to “Get a taste”…(sinister laughter…)

Quick background here: I am in my early 50’s. Been a window shopping audiophile for decades. I started in HS, saving every penny, and bought a Harmon Kardon receiver, Onkyo turntable, and the awesome Polk Audio Model 10 monitors (remember those? Fantastic speakers). Fast forward a few decades and I had resorted to mundane “consumer” stereo products (Sony, Denon, etc…). Music became a “background event”.
Then recently found Paul’s videos on youtube. I got hooked again.
Now, I’m not traditionally a critical listener (anymore) and I can’t afford the big stuff. But I really missed that souring, clear sound I had all those years ago. So did some research and got me a pair of Martin Logan Motion 35XT speakers and a Sprout100. Not high end I know, but leaps above what I’ve had.
Plugged it all in and put on Heart’s “Dog and Butterfly”. My God. I literally had tears in my eyes. The clarity, the soundstage, everything. It was so drastically different from the box store stuff and I was finally experiencing MUSIC again! Revelation.

But now I’m thinking “maybe I AM more of a critical listener than I thought”. I LOVE the sound this system produces…….but what would it be with a Stellar system? BHK? Hmmmmm….

Yeah, I’m on to you Paul. And I thank you Sir. Thank you.



I am with you on this journey Gregg. Every day…every day! the Sprout100 reveals new things I don’t remember hearing in the music before I added it to my system Driving a 20 year old pair of Paradigm Studio 20 Monitors. I just upgrade my Onkyo 7030 CD player to a Cambridge Audio CXC and yet another amazing layer has been pulled back. Nuances in vocals and clarity of orchestras revealed so much more strongly. I work from home and there are now so many moments were I just stop…and listen.

Thank you McGowan’s for this amazing little device. And welcome to this wonderful little club, Gregg.


Thanks Gil. I’m on my 3rd day with it (not even broken in yet!) and I’m still amazed at the clear, crisp, neutral sound this thing produces. I wouldn’t have thought a $600 piece of equipment could be this way. Very happy.


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