Sprout100 vs AV Receiver

For anyone who has moved from an AV Receiver to the Sprout100 was it a major improvement in sound quality. If so, what part of the sound was improved like bass, tone, imaging, soundstage etc.

Hi Todd,
I made the move from an Onkyo TX-DS939 running Paradigm Studio Monitor 20s and noticed a difference. The main differences were the bass tightening up and the imaging/soundstage. With the Sprout I noticed an actual depth to the stage. I listen to a lot of classical and could notice a depth to the instrumentation. I could also notice that the imaging of the instruments are much better, especially with trios and quartets.

Last November, I bought a pair of ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2 speakers and this just further enhanced everything. Bass, clarity, soundstage.

I want to live with these speakers a bit more, but am very interested in the ELAC Debut Reference 62s as well as PS Audio’s own Sprout speaker when that is finally available.

I just got a Sprout100 this week to drive a set of Tekton Lore speakers and an SVS PB-2000 subwoofer for our bedroom flatscreen. We had used these same speakers since 2014 with a Denon AVR2100W. Despite tuning the room using the Denon software and mic (several times over the years), we were never happy with the sound, especially when watching movies. The voice was nearly impossible to hear and imaging/soundstage was not present at all. Driving the same speakers with the Sprout100 (using the optical cable as we did with the Denon) is like night and day. Voices are very clear and the soundstage gives the impression of three dimensions. We wanted to keep things simple in the bedroom, so the Sprout100 was perfect. The only issues we are having is that the new Samsung QLED TV won’t detect the Sprout through Bluetooth and I can’t figure out how to tell the TV to control the Sprout’s volume. I’ll be posting separately on that.