The stand for Sprout100

Hi folks,

I have seen some YouTubers show the stand for Sprout100. I wonder where I can buy one? Thanks in advance!

Haven’t seen that, but my wife has a Sprout 100 in her office and might be interested, you have a link to one of the vids?

Lots and lots of mini hifi racks online, by the shelf or as multi-shelf kits. Some desktop designs come in attractive metal and glass (or plexiglass).

Sigh… long story short, I ordered one, but I noticed it would be shipped from China after I clicked. It will take a month to deliver. I thought buying one from US would be faster.

Tell me about it. I have a FedEx parcel stuck at Shanghai airport since Aug. 19. They discovered Covid at the cargo terminal. Christmas shipping starts in August, so I am expecting serious backlogs / delays.

I have a Ghent cable put in China Post last week same week found COVID there. Tracking shows it state side in USPS already.

Lucky you. Mine is still in Shanghai!

mm… I am looking for a tube amp now. I notice so many of them are from China, and the price has been doubled if I buy it from a US seller. It may not be the right time to get it now.