The warped top plate on DSjr

I inquired to PS Audio about the heat and whether or not removing the Bridge II would help. Here’s their reply:

“The heat from the DSJ is normal and expected. The reason for the heat has to do with the power supply being at a certain voltage and much of the circuits require far less voltage. This step down in voltage is what causes the heat. While the Bridge is one of the components that requires that lower voltage it is not the only one and not the sole reason for the heat. Unfortunately we don’t have a procedure in place to permanently remove the Bridge from the DSJ.”

If it’s the step down in voltage which is producing the heat, then presumably the EX versions of DSJ will be generating more heat than the US version, because of the much larger voltage step-down. My EX version DSJ just doesn’t get that hot, warm to the touch, heat is a complete non-event. If these DSJ are getting so hot that the top plate is warping, something must be wrong. It isn’t “normal and expected” that heat from DSJ would cause the top plate to warp. Obviously then, these hot DSJ are not normal.

Maybe that section is sitting on top of the transformer and or vents for the integrated amp compounding the already higher temperatures of the DSJ.

Maybe they just got a bad batch of top plates from the supplier. Maybe they changed the design. Dunno, but an owner of an affected DSJ needs to get that top plate off and back to the dealer, if not the whole unit, and get a loaner in return.

I’m intrigued by the notion of the AC Infinity T8 for the DSJ. On mine, the rear metal part is what gets the most hot. The top panel gets warm, but not as hot as the rear of the unit.

Does the T8 placed on top cool rear metal area?

Another question is we spend so much thought towards reducing vibration via isolation or coupling, is placing 3 fans in direct contact with the top of the DSJ in conflict with the greater vibration reduction mission?

And what other fan arrangements work well for cooling the DSJ?

The rear of my DSJ is not hot. The fans run slow and quiet, but may create some microvibration??? You could utilize an isolating footer if you deemed it necessary. I use only the stock feet.

I have five T8 devices…needless to say. “I’m a fan.”

A minor design change to the mold producing the cover in addition to using a different resin would fix this. I don’t know if this has been incorporated yet; if not I hope it is soon. I would like to purchase this product. A ‘solid’ top would cost more and vents will let in dust.