Has anyone successfully disable or removed the Bridge II from the DSJ?

Just wondering…

It may cause issues.

@tedsmith intimated today that reinstalling it rather than removing it causes the issues…

Tho I haven’t tested it recently I usually run my DSJ without the bridge model installed (just so I can probe the board easier when needed.) In earlier software releases removing the bridge could be useful. I don’t know how much you’d gain with the more recent software releases. Since PS Audio doesn’t test the DSJ without the bridge card installed it’s possible that some bugs will crop up, but fundamentally the DSJ was originally designed for the bridge to be optional.

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Ted, does your DSJ run cooler, and thus I guess use less power, without the Bridge II installed?

With older software releases there was a noticeable difference. With the software than turns off the bridge that difference is much smaller. The bridge is the single biggest user of current in the DS Jr.

I have the latest Bridge update and my DSJ is still hot like a brick pizza oven. Guess the turning off the Bridge software feature hasn’t yet reached the unwashed masses :sunglasses:

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I don’t think the heat is an issue as my DSJr with Bridge has been running 24/7 for almost a year now with no obvious ill affects. Plus it prevents condensation from happening in the summer months :sunglasses:

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I live in Hawaii, so its warm enough as it is :sunglasses:

I just don’t like the idea of all the heat, especially if its, for me, totally unnecessary as I’ve long ago deemed the Bridge II inferior to the USB --> Matrix --> I2S trifecta. In that light, I see no reason to subject my beloved DSJ to pointless heat from the Bridge II interloper…

Hopefully the next Bridge update will indeed turn the fool thing off…

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I’m really tented to remove it. :nerd_face:

My DSj usage is equal to yours @dancingsea

Although @tedsmith isn’t advising to do it, Ted DSj usage is similar to ours.

Is it easy to take DSj top cover out?! :grin:

Hopefully @tedsmith will provide step by step instructions, complete with photos!

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@dancingsea please check the other topic

@Finin gave us some useful tips.

Two very important pieces of gear needed when messing w/ BII on DSDS or DSDJ

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Anti static bag: ok
Anti static bracelet: hum… barefoot on the ground :thinking:

@Nimitz - I manage a staff of 25 FPGA and digital design engineers remotely. I had one of my staff send a nice anti-static bag and ground strap. I sent the BII this way to the new owner and made it clear he needs to get a ground strap (cheap), just in case. ESD is not your friend and can create what we call “walking wounded” that don’t show up as failures till months, a year later. ESD is very serious stuff… You are not allowed in my EE lab without ESD & FOD training and test strap every day you come in the lab. We save millions by being very strict abut ESD and FOD…


I asked TJ at PS Audio about all of this. He said that he removed the Bridge from his own DSJ and that while it did lower the temperature 10 degrees, that he saw no other improvement and couldn’t recommend the process.

He said they would provide instructions but that the operation would void the warranty.

Just by that, I guess is worth it. :wink: