Theoretica Applied Physics BACCH


I’ve not been following this closely so I apologize if this has already been posted. If not I thought it would be of interest here.
Unless I’ve missed the mark, this test demonstrates what I believe BAACH aims to address.
Regardless, this test is one of many the site offers in a unique toolbox that is quickly helping me troubleshoot short comings in my setup and my own limitations.

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The Audiocheck site is great. Spending a few dollars to support the site is worth it given how all the tracks available for download can help.


Thanks for the info. Re the MOTU… “MK2” was a PS Audio typo on my part. I meant to type, “MK5”. The MOTU UltraLite MK5 does indeed have USB in.

It could be timing issue for the request. MUNICH high end is this weekend


It was a few months ago. Everything is in boxes now and waiting for a few more projects to be completed before I can get a chance to get the stereo set up again.

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Say I were to introduce Dirac Live to see if improves sound, would BACCH take care of that in addition to the imaging tool?

Still having a blast with BACCH4MAC INTRO, just received our Decware ZROCK 2 … another great addition to our system.

Has anybody been able to do a direct comparison between the INTRO and the AUDIOPHILE and or +?


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Only thing I can say my BACCH DSP transform function sounds different having filter’s calculated to my room and its acoustic changes or between my head and ears and someone else’s. The difference is easily discernible on FR frequency Response and Cross talk cancellation curves and through listening to the different filters created for different people or acoustic panel locations or configurations.

So it boils down how close your room interactions and head and ears match the baseline that ships with the software version.


I did not know about this. I like the price! I like the try it free option! I am going to try it in my computer lab. Thanks for posting this!!

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Edgar told me last night that this isn’t a product for you and me, it is a license for manufacturers to add simple BACCH processing to their products. I am so confused about this. I have to guess he knows what he is talking about.


After 48 grueling hours without my BACCH-SP (my choice) it is finally back in the system. Whew! I missed it so much!


More importantly, what is the first piece of music you played on it once you two were reunited!

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Glad to see you got your life bacch together! :rofl:


This was first:

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Very nice choice! What is Felix’s Dark Days Exit, say track 2 Miss Teardrop or track 4 Falling off a Horse, like in BACCH? Another fine choice would be 5 Squeeze the Trigger from Deaf Safari.

In the queue for a late night listen, thanks!

Anything Felix does sounds splendid. But those are standouts indeed!