Modding and Tweaking the Theoretica BACCH4MAC

I have been playing with 3M AB7050HF absorber again. The Bacch4Mac M-1 Mac Mini becomes freaking alive with this tweak. The soundstage an frequency response goes to next level of immediate goodness of toe tapping and wrap around immersion. The best part is bass is still kicking seriously.

I have never felt this immersed in a presentation. Six songs into a roon stream. I spent about an hour to find this placement. It is real and alive. I hope there are some bacch4mac adventurers that can confirm.

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I have Bacch4mac. Can you explain what you are doing in greater detail? Thanks

I am placing 3m AB7050HF RF EMI absorber on the lid of Macintosh M-1 Mimi. I had a left over piece from other tweaks of cables and decided to see if the sound of M-1 could be improved.

I have usedt his material extensively in my system. It offeres component level oh wow upgrades with patience.

My Bacch4mac has teradak LPS upgrade. This piece of 3M Absorber takes it further. It quiets the M-1 mini noise floor from Integrated circuit emissions. Bacch4mac is next level. Power supply mods and absorber mids are next by next level. I will artach data sheet from 3M. This is not smike and mirrors but real the key is using right amount i right place. It offers soundstage and releases the highs and bass buried in noise


OK. So on a 2020 generation Mac Mini like you have, that would be above where the 12V DC power connector attaches to the motherboard. Not above the the M1/2 Mac on a chip. And not above where the fan motor is. So if being above the DC power connector location makes sense, I think this would mean to the bottom right (on your picture) for a 2018 Mac Mini like mine. Does that make sense? There are some other chips on the back of the motherboard too. See the link.

Here are some teardown pictures and a link to a M1 motherboard teardown: Mac Mini on M1: an inside look - Android development (

PS: Just had a look at the bottom of the 2018 motherboard. Looking down from the top of the Mac Mini like in your picture, the power connector is to the lower right. The pins do not go through the whole board like they do on the M1. I wonder if that makes a difference…

PPS: That is the LED connector above.

I came about the position by moving the absorber 1/16 of an inch at a time listening to same Frank Sinatra song The power connection makes sense. The music really lights up. You just need to adjust until the bass comes in balance or the highs and the recording space acoustics will be too hot. Once you hit what sounds like balance more 1/16 movements. You will know.

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Ok, so just that small piece? I will try this. Thank you!

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Yes only one piece the apple insignia helps with size and positioning. It is pretty location critical. Just a hair off and sound isn’t right to my taste. You have to play snippets from sweetspot to fine tune.

I have the current M2 MacMini, so I might need to do even more experimenting with placement if the internal layout is different.

M2 is the same as the M1. It is the Pros that are very different. Pro power supply is screwed into the motherboard too. Another reason why the TeraDak probably would not work with the Pro.

BTW, my brain glitched above, that is the LED indicator connector on the left, not the WiFi. Here is a corrected picture for the the M1 and M2.

Interesting the M2 is slower than M1 writing to SSD since M1 has two SSD chips. Looks like my absorber placement is cutting noise in the SSD memory writing is my guess.

After day two of using the 3M AB7050HF on the top of the BACCH4MAC Audiophile version I am pretty awestruck with the improvement. Just when you think it can’t get any better it has further improved the 3d image and depth and width by leaps and bounds. The immersion factor every instrument and vocal is beyond what I thought possible. I removed the absorber piece to confirm and difference without is unbearable compared to the engagement the absorber provides canceling RF and EMI effects to the musical presentations. No recording is left untouched.


Awesome tweak! How much size variations do you use on your equipment? Do you place them for example near a clock, PSU input and chips?

And another thread becomes a 3m material thread.
I refuse to accept this. Take it somewhere else please.
Pretty please.

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@elk can we have a Modding for BACCH thread?!

Any posts with pictures of Mac Mini’s or 3M EMI Absorbers can go there.

Probably should put Al’s Black Box postings somewhere else too :wink: or not…

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My Magical Black Box posts never start a conversation.
“What shade of black are they?”
“Do they come in other colors?”
“If I build three walls of my room with them would it seem dark?”
“Who found out where Milk comes from first? and what made them think of it?”

Sorry it is about one thousandth less cost relevant as your 2000 dollar tweak limit and useless to Bacch Adio users. I felt if I placed it in my absorber tweak thread it would be missed by the growing Bacch4mac user population. It was too good not to share.

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@Angen you can always buy four SR Master fuses if you’re needing ear torture, but still wished to meet your cost spend threshold.

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Fully agreed. Lets see how it turns out.

I have a thread linked on my profile. Stay away from clocks or capacitors and step up ethernet transformers. The data sheet tells how to use it. Secret on mini is listening but placement is likely helping DC power, ribbon cable memory and processor chips quieting the switching oscillation frequency. I run my mini with wifi off but do use apple magic mouse and keyboard over Bluetooth.

Great Power Tweak conversion to LPS that enhances sound.