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This is such good news to me! Better news for you my friend!


I’m visiting a friend for few days and he just installed BACCH4Mac Audiophile. After setup with Edgar he began playing different music/tracks to see the results. After many tracks, little was noticed in spatial benefits and even more alarming was the noticeable drop in sound quality. Yes, the volume needed to be turned up to match/come close to volume without BACCH, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about a very negative impact on sound quality.
We had/still have high hopes!
Any thoughts on why this was our experience?
Thanks so much….

Have him make sure volume level in each Bin is zero dB. I had mine set in Bin 1 m at -20dB after installing ORC. This made me have to turn up volume excessively. My Preamp sound degraded. See red circle. Also make sure all values are at defaults with green box around them.

Ensure the ear microphones are exactly same position right to left. It is eay to get them in crooked.

Can you share the graphs from Bacch and ORC.

The best possible course of action is for your friend to share his observations and concerns with Edgar. As soon as possible.

Thanks! That’s what we were thinking. It just doesn’t make sense that SQ would suffer in dynamics.

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Nope. And getting help here is not the best you can do. Getting help from Edgar is the best you can do.


Yep! Thanks

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Agree with @aangen to check with the Prof., but what else did you change? Extra cables (Ethernet, USB, Toslink)?? Quality of those cables? Every link in the chain counts.

All settings look correct. Left channel XTC is pretty high. I haven’t experienced numbers that high before of 11.44. The IR chart is phenomenally good. Is his room highly treated or is setup nearfield?

Can you share ORC curves?

As others have said, Prof. Edgar is the best way to go for troubleshooting.

Just wanted to point it out for you (should you not have noticed), ORC is attenuating the digital signal in about 7dB (look at the number in the ORC “square” right near to the master volume). Your master volume is also attenuating by almost 1dB (it should read zero in the white number right below the slider).

So, as is, you have to compensate for this -8dB in the preamp volume. Is that what you mean when you say the system lost dynamics?

Ended up turning everything off and reconnecting the cables. Seems to have corrected the SQ.
Thanks guys!


Glad to hear that!

Wow. Great news! Enjoy!

Sometimes computer audio is funny. I hot this message the other night. I could not reboot the Macintosh with a hard reboot. The system was tring to play at full gain. Luckily Edgar has a save the speakers mode unless Al is running the demo at @paul172 house.

But did you trace the cause? Or maybe it was a digital gremlin?

A report was sent to Apple. I didn’t screenshot report that told what kernel had issues it but figured Apple will share with theoretica applied science. The fact that it muted the volume as it was going out of control leads me to believe it has happened prior. Thus the software safety rail.


What are you typing about, not your first days with ORC I hope.

No it just showed up out of the blue. We had had some storms but my regenerator never reset ant Bacc4mac was powered and had been plsying a music stream.

The dialogue popup said to select the red button it would play a a couple tenths of a second then safety shut dow. Hard reboot with power button was only thing that would rest app and the mac.

Strange anomaly that has yet to reappear. I feel it is related to ORC versus XTC though.