Thinking about getting DirectStream DAC+Bridge2, have a few question

Hi guys,

please tell me how both streams are handled - am I only telling DS DAC to play something from NAS or is the smartphone being used as inbetween for stream from NAS to DS? Could I let’s say turn mconnect control app, start to play internet radio/Tidal album and turn my smartphone completly off?

I don’t even have a NAS yet, all I am doing is roll CDs. So does it matter what NAS I get? Are they all DLNA and work with mconnect control app?

Or should I just get myself a proper Player (which one?) instead of Bridge2 when aiming for best possible quality?
Thanks in advance.

What does roll CDs mean?

Playing Red Books like 30 years ago…

What does a NAS have to do with playing CD?

all I am saying is that I still don’t even have a NAS

Well then, how are you going to play CD?

This is a response about using mconnect to stream Tidal to the Bridge II. While the audio signal doesn’t pass through the phone, the process is dependent on the app on the phone for the play list. If you would shut down your phone or leave the range of your network, it would stop playing. I think it would finish playing the track that was in progress, but after that, nada.

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I forget how Tidal behaved for me, but as I recall for Spotify. When using the Bridge2 as the SpotifyConnect available device, whatever Spotify controller you are using, when you tell Bridge2 to play it will keep that playlist going, even if you shut down the controller.

@christophervalle got is exactly right. The signal from Tidal’s servers are not passing through the phone, but if you power off your phone or it disconnects from your LAN, the music will stop. An easy way to solve this would be to have a stand-alone tablet that you use to control the music. That way if you throw a playlist on, run a quick errand, the music will still be playing when you walk in.

On a different note, if you predominantly want stream from Tidal, you won’t need a NAS or streamer. Your phone, LAN, and Bridge II will do the trick. The NAS would come into play if you want to rip all of your CDs and store them on it. You could then stream them in a very similar fashion to Tidal. Meaning you’d use the Mcontrol app to control everything.

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