The signal path, Bridge II running TIDAL

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I’m new here, a few days ago I got a Directstream with Bridge II, set up my Ipad with Mconnect and I’m immersed in the enchanted Tidal with the great sound that this DAC is giving me!

I have a question to the most understood, I would like to know the path of the data packets in this type of use that I am doing:

Hypothesis 1: In case the Ipad is working with a controller, somebnte sending the Bridge II commands so that it searches the Tidal server for the song I requested.

Hypothesis 2: The Ipad is downloading the data for itself and then sending Bridge II via the network.

Which of the 2 hypotheses is being used? From what I saw is the second one because I tried to disconnect the Ipad after loading a playlist and I also tried to close the Mconnect in the same situation and in both cases the song stops playing immediately.

In this case that the Ipad serves as an extra link in the signal path (data packet) there is some loss in the quality of production, am I right?

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Hi there, my understanding is that the music is streamed directly from the internet to the Bridge but, depending on the controller app, the playlist is held on the controller, which explains why the music stops when your iPad is switched off or you play music or videos on the iPad itself. I have a Melco feeding the DS and certain apps keep the playlist on the Melco but others (including mconnect mcontrol) keep the playlist on the controller.

But the music itself doesn’t go via the iPad.


Mike Marks, if your understanding is correct, it clears up a mystery that I’ve considered for some time. Even if you understanding isn’t correct, I’ll Thank your post as at least it’s a logical and plausible supposition.

Mike’s explanation. sounds right to me. Also, servers that use the Open Home standard (e.g., BubbleUpNP server) keep the playlist on the server so the controller can be disconnected and the music continues.

Meant to post the following here but sent PM by accident earlier today…

Not quite. Start here:

Computer Audiophile “Streaming 101”-type Article


Scotte1, excellent article, thanks! No wonder I can never explain it clearly to my friends…

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Thanks to everyone for the answers, the link that Scotte1 posted is very informative.