This One is for ALEKZ.

Inderdaad ongelooflik mooi, Gordon! En slegs 9 jaar oud!! Beslis geen Quantum Chips of Resonators nodig om sulke musiek te waardeer nie … :slight_smile:

Utterly amazing


Ja, net goeie talent.



I freak out with wonders like her.

How do we even explain that without some kind of “previous” life genetics being carried forward?

Guess what? It says:

“The video is not available in your country” :smiley:

Ja, a Dutch friend told me about her yesterday. I’m glad you posted it. What poise, as well as a beautiful voice. And they dubbed in that stupid “factory issued” pop song after a performance like that???

So, when they say a few times “old soul”, what do they really mean by that?

If you watch her sing she is not 9 years old. When she finishes she shifts back to nine.

WASSUP with that?


Sent you the video by dropbox.

Oh, thanks much Gordon! I’ve seen this video. I wonder what happens in … say … 10 years when she’s got lungs to support her voice. I hope music teachers (I bet they will appear in her life) will help her and won’t ruin her natural talent.