Young Polish Guitarist.

Even though I am from Poland :slight_smile: I like the 2nd player even better.

And definitely the North Korean kids are a bit creepy… Little aliens… Or cyborgs maybe

Thanks for sharing!

I’m with you. I like the kid in the second video. I would like to see him live.

The Korean kids are a bit odd - funny actually, playing instruments that are bigger than they are.


The young kid in the second video is all pyrotechnics. IMO the first fellow is much better because his amazing skill is serving the music, not the other way around.

I agree with that last one - creepy.

tony22 said:
I agree with that last one - creepy.

but they are cute. like little cyborgs.

I agree about the first one and music.
I found bot entertaining.
the Korean kids were added to see if anyone was awake.