Tinnitus - treatment, etc

FWIW: I have pronounced tinnitus myself. However I have discovered that by regularly taking lots of vitamins and antioxidants that I can significantly lower the noise floor inside of my brain.


which supplements work for you?

I don’t want to derail this thread with another discussion, but to answer your question as quickly as I can I will say that I take a bunch. Among the most critical though are lots of Vitamin B, niacin, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Bioflavinoids, and the antioxidants NAC, and Acetl-L-Carnatine. It takes taking all of these for a couple of weeks before much of a difference becomes noticeable. But it really seems to help.

Do you take these all individually?

Mostly. Good vitamin B caps usually contain several different forms of B complex, including niacin. You want ones that contain as many types of vitamin B as is possible. Some of the best Vitamin C capsules will contain bioflavonoids. I take everything I have listed above every night in addition to multi-vitamins and Vitamin D (just for general health, not for hearing, and because in the PNW we get so little sun). And in the mornings I have found that drinking a packet of a powered supplement called “Emergen-C” helps to supercharge this technique, and my tinnitus levels seem to go even lower.

As I said, it really takes weeks to take effect at first. But when I occasionally have forgen (or have been too sleepy to bother) to take all of these for just one day I really notice a very significant increase in the volume level of my tinnitus within 12 hours.

If you guys want to learn more about my experiences, PM me. I don’t want to keep going OT like this inside of Ted’s Thread.

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These seem to help and they contain all of the ingredients you mentioned within one pill…

Those do appear to contain some of the ingredients which I recommended, but not all of them. Unfortunately these have none of the advanced antioxidants (which help to actually preserve your hearing). But these should suffice for the vitamin B portion of my regimen at least.

FWIW, I was misdiagnosed for years with tinnitus. Turned out the clicking sound I was hearing was being caused by palatal tremor (formerly known as palatal myoclonus). Palatal tremor is much less common than tinnitus, and relief is available . . . albeit in the form of periodic Botox shots into the back of the roof of the mouth via what is perhaps the longest needle the universe has ever seen.

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Have you ever tried using a floating tank? It is a VERY effective way of reducing stress and repair minor “parts” in the body.

Thanks for the suggestion, it sounds great and I might try it (I question whether it would have any effect on involuntary palatal muscle spasms, though).


Sorry to hear about your tinnitus.

I’ve found that B-complex helps. It just “mutes” it a bit or makes it less piercing (in my case anyway). All these over the counter “tinnitus” meds are all mostly just B-complex anyway, at 3X the price.

Also, for what it’s worth, when I first developed tinnitus I thought it was the end of the world. Now I don’t even care, I still hear it, but it doesn’t even bother me at all. :crossed_fingers:

Oh, and wear earplugs at concerts!


I never leave the house without a set of earplugs on my person. One really needs to protect your ears from all kinds of environmental noise if you want to keep your hearing for as long as possible.

Tarnishedears- Now that this conversation has been given its own thread I wonder if you might be willing to share more details about your regimen. I’d also be curious to know how you discovered it.

My tinnitus is what they call ‘moderate’ — it doesn’t keep me awake or anything, but it is often the loudest sound I hear, even in somewhat noisy environments. I went to the hearing clinic through my health care provider and was told there was nothing to be done about it. If I could turn down the volume of the ringing in my ears, that would be wonderful.