Sunlight and Tinnitus

In the sound impressions thread a few comments were made that those who suffer with Tinnitus have had reduced symptoms with Sunlight.

Unfortunately I have noticed that Sunlight aggregates my tinnitus. I can still enjoy the music but the high pitched ringing seems to be a bit more intense after listening.

I know tinnitus is a strange disease and can be caused by hearing loss but any thoughts/speculation on why changes in Sunlight could reduce or increase symptoms?

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Pure speculation, but I know that sometimes less or sometimes more stimulation at a given frequency can affect some kinds of tinnitus that frequency or double that frequency. Is the effect of Sunlight on your tinnitus different on days where some tones of your tinnitus is at a different frequency? (Assuming your tinnitus is the continuous tones type.)

Well I’ve only had listening experience with Sunlight for a about a week but it seems to be constant regardless of the type of music lows or highs. But it was a marked increase in intensity right away. I did lower the volume a bit as recommended to 92 but that didn’t seem to make a difference.

I think something is getting tweaked more than usual in my head and some of the theory around this is if there is hearing loss your brain turns up the gain to try and compensate and it gets translated in to ringing.

It would be neat to try and figure out what specific frequency it might be.

Not going back to Windom though because everything else is absolutely wonderful.

I often think about mapping my frequencies, but they change day to day, hour to hour and minute to minute. I suspect there might be some Heisenberg uncertaincy involved tho.


I found it a bit too much at 92. I am now listening at volume between 70-80 and very happy, this is my personal experience. You should try it and see/hear if it makes any difference.

I hope listeners aren’t setting the DSD to 92 without adjusting the downstream amplification to a suitable listening volume… I usually listen between 72dB to 85dB depending on the music.

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What? :hear_no_evil:

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Absolutely not, my wife loves surprise Chinese Drums at all hours of the day and night.


:joy: oh the comedy that would be.

What is the unit sitting on top of ?

Maybe a different wood or type of isolator?

Are cables touching or are they on the floor?

I’ve noticed surprising effects of using Foglifters and making sure the speaker cables and power cable don’t touch at all.

I post my Sunlight impression that cause me headache as well, might be a rare case just me. I agree it might be related to frequency stimulation, as Schumann resonator did the same to me though I did feel the SQ increase with it on. My three days listening with Sunlight all ended with Nurofen+, when I rolled back to Windom the tension eased but still lingered with Sunlight even after pill.
I do like Sunlight of everything improved from Windom. I notice with some vintage recording it reveals more details with slight background hiss before music introduced while Windom is more subtle.

So I dug up an old hearing test and it looks like I have slight hearing loss in the 2k-4K range. According to this site that generally translates in to the upper midrange.

Perhaps the more forward presentation of vocals is just enough to tweak me.