Anybody using Isoacoustics GAIA isolation for speakers?

I’m thing of adding a set of the “III” to my GoldenEar Triton 2+ speakers and I wondering if anyone had any feed back on them.

I tried them and sold them immediately. I heard no difference.

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I have a set of Gaia II’s under my GE Triton Ones and I would highly recommend them. While the improvement was not drastic, it was also not subtle. The biggest gain was in imaging. The placement of instruments within the soundstage is more defined and focused. Additionally the bass improved, became tighter. I bought mine during an accessory sale at MD.


I’ve been using the Gaia II under the Symphonic Line Legato’s for a little over a month, and the sound is very noticeable. In my room the imaging is much more pronounced, and as brumtech said, the instruments are much more defined and focused. It very much feels like the window washers came and finally cleaned my windows and I can see through those windows much more clearly now. I am glad I got the Gaia’s.

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It probably matters what you have now. If going from spikes on concrete to Gaias I would expect a difference, but if going from Sorbathane to Gaias probably much less so.

I tried their ISO PUCK under my stand mounts and didn’t hear any difference vs. sorbathane (with coating so they don’t goo up) hemispheres I’ve used for years.

My Triton’s now sit on their standard rubber feet on carpet. I have not used the spikes as I move them occasionally, pulling them farther into the room for more critical listening. Unfortunately I cant leave them there full time as they would be in the walk way into the room.
My tentative plan is to add the Gaia III to my Triton’s then set my Triton’s on granite platforms. Under the granite I’m going to attach Herbie’s Audio Lab Giant Fat Gliders to give me the option ti slide them if needed.


Sounds like a fine plan. I also can’t leave my stand mounts where I prefer to listen to them. I would just buy the Gaias from a place you can return them if they don’t impress.

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I’m using Townshend Speaker Platforms. They’re effective but kind of expensive. Check out their website to het info on the platforms- and less expensive speaker isolation pods.

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I am using them. The improvement in my system was immediately noticeable. Each of my speakers is over 200 lbs and I have them on a wooden frame floor. As soon as I installed the Gaias, the sound became “taller” and ‘‘wider” and more “focused.” They DEFINITELY worked for me in my system. When I told the speaker manufacturer about them, he informed me that the floor of his listening room is concrete and that he was not surprised that the Isoacustics worked on what he referred to as my “sprung” floor.


Thanks for all your reply’s. I think I’m going to give them a try as I will have 30 days to return them if I do not feel they are a worth while upgrade. will give you 60 days and they have some open box returns for a modest discount.

Installed Gaia III on my stand mounts. Total weight of speaker and stand 45lbs. on raised oak, very resonant floor.

Immediate tightening of bass, more articulate. So far so good.

Update: A few more hours and I’ve decided to keep them. I used 4 dense foam/eva blocks under the stands to compare with and without the footers.

Bass articulation is significantly better to warrant the cost for me.

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Same experience with my 20lbs stand mounts. Sprung wood floor.

At 200lbs you probably don’t want to remove them to confirm or dispel bias.

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I have them on my DIY speakers and they make them sound better. I used my android phone and vibration meter app to determine how much attenuation happens. Well not much …but enough to matter. Buy them.


I’ve stopped trying to measure the vibrational, my ears are better at sensing it.

Now I’m focused on active low freq decay improver(s). Search PSI AVAA

“…active low freq decay…”---- I think I have that and it’s been worrying me…


I use the Iso products under my components. Whilst I can’t identify what every individual element contributes, overall I’ve achieved magic. It’s only taken fifty years.


Dam … that means I have almost ten more years to go!

Your system looks beautiful. I only wish I had a room where I could have the speakers that far into the room.

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What a cool looking setup! I am envious. I bet that sounds exceptional.

Long demo

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