Too Cheap to Pay into Roon & Can't afford QoBuzz/don't like Tidal/Spotify is only for Casual Listening - Sony to the Rescue

While I continue paying off my Stellar Stack, I’ve been doing my personal library streaming with my Sony UBP-X1000ES. It’s connecting via Ethernet to my music server/HTPC which has no fans on anything (PSU/CPU or Motherboard). Without an oscilloscope by my side to check any noise issues, I don’t hear anything detrimental to my ears anyways. I can play True DSD Native files from the 1000ES’ USB or reach the STR-DN1080’s USB remotely via the 1000ES for extra solid state storage of just my DSD files. I use the SGCD primarily for PCM files which are accessible via it’s USB or the S/PDIF of the Sony… I can do DSD over PCM via the USB. But prefer the 1000ES’s built in DAC for 2 channel playback. I think my Foobar 2000 isn’t setup correctly because I can playback 11.2MHz DSD files clearly from it’s GUI.

It’s a kludgy setup, yet it sounds fine. Having to use the Sony’s remote to literally thumb through both DSD & PCM libraries is cumbersome though. It will do.

I cannot justify spending that kind of money only for convienance. just my honest and personal opinion.

I am not likely to use any streaming source what so ever and money is not the issue. I am just not interested.

I am however a very long time Foobar 2000 user and I have switched to Jriver on my main audio computer, I even paid for it. I prefer it now.

I am sitting at my cabin at the moment using Foobar 2000 cause I am not as fussy here. (no great audio gear here, just fine audio gear)

(less than $30,000 DAC)

(The Horror)


That’s awesome. I heard that the DSD over PCM is easier to setup on the JRiver software. It’s the cheapest trigger to pull if I ever decide to.

And you can try it for free.

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