Stream SiriusXM to bridge?!


Hi, as a proud owner of a DAC II, I’d like to pull the umbilical USB and send everything over LAN from the source PC to the bridge. foobar is being used for critical listening/Hi-Res and Sirius streams as background the rest of the time. Is it possible?!


Probably, but please consider Qobuz (16/44) or at least Spotify (320kbps) for streaming Audio, much higher SQ than Sirius.


The network Bridge is what you need and what you can stream depends largely on the choices offered by the UPnP controller you select to control the Bridge. Plug Player is a decent one, there are many others as well.

I have never seen Sirius available through these controllers. I have to agree with audiobill - the sound on Sirius is dreadful.


Thanks for the replies, it’s not looking possible without coding in to a UpnP controller, at least none that I found. I agree Sirius is terrible, how can they get away with streaming underwater music :) The web stream does sound much better than a satellite feed and since the other half has 9 favorite channels…well it plays while the tubes warm up. Bummed, I really wanted to use the bridge for all.


LOADED, the only way it can work right now if if you use the Logitech Media Server and use Wavestream to redirect the output to the Bridge.


You could use Jamcast.


You guys are great, Jamcast piped in through UPnP browser on foobar. Not sure how but during the process of toying with the foobar UPnP controller and selecting “PS Audio” I managed to get music AND album art to the PWD…hmmn

I have countless hours in comparing numerous DACs, ASYNC Converters, battery powered this and that to the PWDII and the PS is staying.
The DSD must be nothing short of spectacular. Lossless volume control could cause the sale of the preamp, in that case I could buy two DSD DACs ;)

Hats off to Paul, Dennis, and the PS Audio team for stellar forward thinking products.


Im using a Synology NAS to store my internet radio URLs. I use Linn Kinsky to control the PWD Mk I.

Can my PWD Mk I play the coming hi rez audio streams from, their coming USA portal TIDAL, along with Spotify, Pandora and Qobuz?

Is anyone doing any of these hi rez streams with their PWD? If so how?

This DAR Review has me curious if I can stream these sources on my PWD or if I’ll need to purchase an AURALiC


You can stream internet radio if you use MinimServer and its add-on MinimStreamer. I listen to radio all the time this way via the Bridge. I don’t know about Spotify etc.; I don’t think so, but I don’t use these services so others will need to confirm. MinimServer works great on most Synology models (I have a DS213). Follow the instructions on the MinimServer website to put your internet radio URLs into a playlist.


You can use jamcast from a windows PC to stream spotify or any other audio to the bridge.


Dennis Kerrisk said You can use jamcast from a windows PC to stream spotify or any other audio to the bridge.


thxs. I have minim server, but did not know they had created minimstream…