Took Uncle Paul's advice and I ordered a P12 - Super Stoked - Pictures to come!

Hi Friends,

As I said, I took Uncle Paul’s advice and I ordered a P12. Super excited to receive my p12, plug everything in and play with all the gauges/screens…should get it this weekend/early next week. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’ve been asking you guys in the forums a bunch of questions and finally pulled the trigger and ordered a P12 to power my system. Pictures to come…below is my current system with the furman elite 15-pfi conditioner at the bottom(shuush, don’t tell the conditioner I traded him in for the p12 and he’s soon gonna take a trip to ps audio’s trade-in bin):


Congratulations, I am going to make a grand prediction. Expect to be amazed when you plug the P12 in. Please let give the forum your impressions. We all want to know.
Good listening,


I can give him a more accurate prediction on what he will hear with the P12. I have a fully broken in P12, and when I first put it into my system a while back, I heard more relax ease with more resolution and less compression on dynamics and a richer sound. It got even better as it breaks in. Upgrading the power cord also increased the musicality. Lastly changing the fuse to a SR Orange put icing on the cake. He is in for quite a treat.


You forgot to precede your post with… “SPOILER ALERT!!!” Remind me to never discuss cinema with you unless I’ve already seen the flick!


Sorry, I couldn’t hold back my excitement on what the outcome will be.

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Indeed! We’re all anxious to know what you think.


I can’t wait!

If Shunyata is still doing their 20% off sale order your Sigma NR power cable today! It should be shipped (at additional cost of course) with the P12 P15 P20…

Thats a $3000 power cable lol…i think that may be alil overkill for my humble system. I did order a ps audio AC3 power cable and that should be here on monday.

“Only” $2400 right now!!! Buy two in case one breaks.

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Mr. Ryan,
Al Angen, he could buy 2 and give you one. :smile:


Yeah, ill take one for sure, thanks Angen! :slight_smile:

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Hi Ryan
Maybe you posted somewhere else but, what are your impressions? Did you feel the need to add a fancier power cable? Or are you satisfied? Curious minds want to know. Tx. Paul

don’t take this wrong, but it’s the first thing I thought of when I looked at the dates of the thread :joy:

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I saw the headline about more pictures, and thought, no…no more pictures, lol

The incoming distortion earlier today, according to my P12…


That’s amazing.

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That’s not fair. Do you have some sweetheart deal with Com Ed?


Incoming distortion does occasionally rise above 1% :grinning:

Looking really good … :musical_score: :notes: :musical_note: :musical_keyboard: :guitar: :accordion:

Good times music…!!

Wish my incoming thd were that low…

Best wishes

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