Tool for sizing Regenerator

@jamesh I’m a bit confused here.

My memory may be faulty, but I thought when I bought my Stellar 1200 amps, i asked if the Stellar P3 I owned would be sufficient to power them. My memory is you told me yes.

Am I mistaken?

The P3 can power them no problem. They’re very efficient amps and don’t have a continuous draw over that 270W figure I mentioned for the P3. When looking at the power figures for the M1200s, it looks like not even a P20 could handle them. It’d be a total of 2,400W! This would never happen though. Your ears would be bleeding if you were playing it loud enough to use 2,400W. Sure, they have the ability to, but you likely never will get to that point.

Thanks for the clarification. I admit I have little grasp of the meaning of the various power figures.

Seems like should call the P12 the P9, the P15 the P12 and the P20 the P15.

Fair enough, but it’s the same reason we and other amp manufactures name our amps after what the amps can output. It’s totally fine pulling a continuous 300W from the Stellar S300. However, I think most would agree that if your system and speakers are that demanding, it would likely be a smart move to get a bigger amp that would allow for more headroom.