MFSL- Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (aka MoFi)
AP- Analogue Productions
AF- Audio Fidelity
ORG- Original Recordings Group


Thank you.


I suppose my top 25 (non-classical) would be, in no particular order:

Jazz at the Pawnshop
Zuill Bailey - Bach Cello Suites (Octave)
Patricia Barber - Cafe (un-mastered)
Bassface Swing Trio - Plays Gershwin
Stockfisch Sampler 1
Stockfisch Sampler 2
Bill Charlap - Stardust
Nat King Cole Trio - After Midnight: Complete Capitol Sessions
Ella Fitzgerald - Clap Hands Here Comes Charlie
Harry Nilsson - Nilsson Schmilsson
Wayne Horvitz - Sweeter than the Day
Joe Jackson - Body and Soul
Elton John - 11-17-70
Elton John - Madman Across the Water
Jorma Kaukonen - Blue Country Heart
Kinks - 40th Anniversary Sampler
Carrie Newcomer - The Slender Thread
Nickel Creek - Nickel Creek
Oscar Peterson Trio - West Side Story
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed
Santana - Best of Santana
Sauce - Waiting for Godiva
Steely Dan - Gaucho
Anthony Wilson Nonette - The Power of Nine


Thanks for sharing. From your list three popped out at me for the potentail regarding the performance as well as the sonics:
Wayne Horvitz Sweeter than the Day which I am streaming now and is fantastic
Jorma Kaukonen - Blue Country Heart added to my queue
Anthony Wilson Nonette - The Power of Nine added to my queue

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This one is fantastic! Dare I say one of the best I’ve heard IMO.


That is a great album and I can only imagine how the SACD sounds. Having the above Japanese reissue I picked up in the early 80’s. As I recall the sonics were special on that reissue as well. An essential jazz entry into any collection.


It is well worth the $30 from Acoustic Sounds! I can’t say it matches the vinyl on a techdas/MBL reference system but it’s close!

@paul172,: Did you just spring for a TechDas, which cartridge did you partner with it?

I did not. I was extremely fortunate to be invited to Kyomi Audio by @aangen and @minnesotafats and I heard the same Techdas the Matt @minnesotafats now owns and it is the first time I’ve heard recorded music with nothing in the way! I never heard a turntable that disappears. No pop, no hiss, just music like it was in the venue or recording studio! Magic! Al or Matt can tell you what cartridge. I know the case it was in looked like it belonged to a Rolex that’s all I know.


I have to say that as a fan of current mainstream music and definitely not a jazz fan this SACD has made it to the spot in my reference material particularly track #11 Nardis

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It may interest you there has long been discussions elsewhere among critics and listeners alike as to whether Patricia Barber’s music is jazz. She recorded a song about it (it may even be on this album, I do not recall).

maybe that’s why I like it lol

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Nardis is great! Fantastic sounding drums! I have the Mofi and the Unmastered versions of Cafe Blue.

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I like the idea of a non classical list, thanks!

I’ve been long searching for a good version of that! Have more info on the pressing? Where’d you get it - if I might ask?

I bought it straight from MoFi.

A great disc. Get it before it sells out.

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Out of stock already - you musta got the last one! Care to share a photo of the rear cover? Perhaps I can cross reference some numbers… I believe there’s a few SACD versions of this album out there.
The regular CD pressing of this album sounds horrific! I’m considering this one but I don’t want to buy half a dozen to realize its not all that much better than the CD:


I much prefer the SHM SACD of “Breakfast in America”. It is a flat transfer from the original USA master tapes. But, some people think it is a bit dull sounding while others think it is fantastic. I don’t agree that is dull sounding and it is the only digital version I can really crank up and not have be fatiguing.


Well skew-it - I ordered both the numbered edition AND the Japan SHM version. I’ll let you know if I hear a difference. Or more realistically which Scotch goes better with which.