Toslink to SPDIF

What is the best way to convert Toslink to SPDIF input on Sprout with highest quality transfer? A cable or converter recommendation would be appreciated.


I have no personal experience with it, but you could look at the Remedy Reclocker from Wyred 4 Sound.

Here’s a simple $16 solution from Amazon. Click here.51yknd1CWEL._SL1200_.jpg

What is the best digital connection from macbook pro to sprout

i am using the USB gives me max of 192000Hz

when i us the digital out from my macbook using an optical through a converter to coaxial end of the sprout i get only 96000 Hz the macbook pro 2012 max .

Can someone explain me the difference ? is it a converter problem.

Optical is limited in its ability to handle higher resolution audio. Your best best is USB, which can easily handle 192kHz - though it’s unclear this will do you any good if you don’t have higher resolution audio to play -as it is, Apple is just upsampling the signal to 192kHz - which some people like.

In a similar vein, I’d like to connect the Motorola DCH3416 cable box’s Coax audio to the Sprout, but it sends audio out in Dolby Digital AC-3, which the Sprout cannot decode (far as I know).

Is there a converter available that will down sample from DD AC-3 audio stream to just 2 stereo channels so the Sprout can at least reproduce stereo audio?

Most cable/satellite boxes have an on screen option to use either PCM or DD over the S/PDIF audio out.

I did try to set my cable box to PCM out, but that didn’t work (it must put out AC3 stream no matter what and won’t let user-set settings override that).

Bought a optical to coaxial converter box similar to what Paul McGowan suggested – worked perfectly!

I have my Blu-ray, cable boxes and a streaming media stick connected to my LCD TV via HDMI, and then have the optical out from the TV go into the converter box and coax to the Sprout (my Samsung TV down converts to 2 channels only before sending out the audio stream, but not a big deal to me - I know the Sprout is not meant to be a home theater amp).

Watched some good sequences from “Interstellar” on Blu-ray with my Sony MDR-1A headphones into the Sprout – sounded great!

First. Thanks for an amazing product.

I’m trying to figure out the highest quality connection option.

I’ve been using Bluetooth but have issues with it cutting out.

I’m considering using my Chromecast audio and use the optical toslink output into the digital coax input on the sprout.

I saw Paul menjton that digital coax is actually worse in quality than usb so made me think twice.

Is this order in audio quality preference correct?

  1. coax input - allows me to use sprouts dac if I am using Chromecast toslink out.

  2. Bluetooth - but it kind of cuts out so that’s annoying

  3. Chromecast to analog 1/8 or rca analog – but this would skip sprouts DAc and use Chromecast DAC so less preferable - assume the one on Sprouts is much better.