Why toslink on the sprout 100?

In Pauls videos he talks about how toslink isn’t very good, can I assume it’s better than digital coax if not then why not digital coax on the sprout?
And if it is, I have an application where I am using digital coax from a streamer to a dac should I switch to toslink?

Thanks for any insight.

p.s. Looking forward to my sprout 100.

Congrats on getting the new Sprout100! Yes, toslink is one of the worst ways to transfer digital audio. The older Sprouts had COAX, but we decided to go with toslink on the 100 because so many folks wanted to hook it up to their TV. It seemed that not a lot of original Sprout owners were actually using the COAX input anyway. The optical still sounds great in the Sprout100, so I wouldn’t try and find any COAX → optical converter.

Okay follow up question, currently I am using a schitt modi 3 from my streamer would the analog out from the schitt modi 3 be nicer than the toslink → the dac on the sprout?

Eh, I doubt it. The DAC in the Sprout100 sounds damn good. You could certainly give the Modi a shot into the analog inputs, but I’m willing to bet you’ll prefer the optical into the Sprout and using its DAC.

Great to hear, thanks

James, on my 2nd system, I’m running a PC/Audirvana to my Sprout via USB. Is there a better way to connect it to my PC?

No, this is perfect. USB into the Sprout is perfect and Audirvana is really good. I’d put the USB input darn close to the phono input, depending on the TT of course. Like I said, the DAC in the Sprout100 is surprisingly good.

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