Sprout100 Toslink Cable Recommendations

Connecting my Cambridge Audio CXC CD transport in to the Sprout 100 via toslink. I am using an ages old Monster Cable toslink and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a good toslink cable.

I tried the Glass toslink cables from Amazon but did not care for their imaging.

Just wanting to see if I can improve the sound any.

I tried a handful of Toslink and got to the Lifatech which I like a lot and have kept that without seeking another.

I’m not familiar with that Cambridge CD player, but I was tempted to use the digital out of my Onkyo SACD player, thinking that would make for the highest-resolution sound. But the digital out stunted the resolution. No DSD from optical out. The DAC in the SACD player was better.

Granted, that’s an SACD player vs CD, but just curious if you’ve compared the sound going into the analog inputs of the Sprout, and using the CD player’s DAC vs the Sprout’s DAC.

HAHA nevermind. I went and googled that Cambridge and I’m seeing it’s a transport, not a player.

Disregard, but I’ll leave my comments up for posterity. :wink:

:grinning: Yeah…my setup started with an Onkyo 7030 CD player. That had a Wolfson DAC and I played around with the setup using the CD’s DAC vs the Sprout’s DAC. The Sprout’s DAC really opened up the sound in so many ways. That was why I decided to try a dedicated CD transport. The Cambridge Audio CXC really took the sound in my system up another notch. It is really quite warm and detailed with wonderful imaging.
I want to upgrade my speakers next, but am waiting for the Sprout Speakers. So, in the meantime wanted to see what a better toslink might do.
So how do you connect your Onkyo SACD player ? Toslink or Coax?

Thanks! I will give that a try. It is a bit frustrating as you can’t really find any reviews on toslink cables.