Trade in RMA - when do you get it

Website says:

“We will also email you an RMA with an RMA Number, which you can write on the box or shipping label, which you can use to return your unit. You will have 30-Days to return the trade-in.”

I did not get that RMA. Do I need to call PSAudio to state that I am keeping the MKII?

Hi Brian - the RMA should have been at the bottom of your order confirmation email. You might need to scroll down to see it. I just ordered a DSD MKII a week or two back and that’s what they did.

The order confirmation email says you have 30 days from when you receive your new item to decide if you are keeping it. I believe the same RMA would be used whether you are sending in your trade-in or returning the new unit.

You nailed it. it was there. stupid me. thanks so much.

I did same thing with Beta. Missed that attachment. Delayed my return until I went searching emails.