Transport for PWD - Rega Apollo R or Musical Fidelity M1 CDT


I´m looking for a CD Transport for my PWD and was thinking about a Rega Apollo-R or a Musical Fidelity M1 CDT.

Has someone experience with one of the two as source for the PWD?


Interesting question but gotta ask why the PWT is not on your list?


I need the CD Transport only for gapless playback. For all other listening I use the PWD/Bridge.

PWT will be to expensive (in Germany sales price is 4.300 Euro ~ 5.800 USD).


Consider Cyrus CDT at around the same price, Cyrus invested a lot in transport technology, which in hindsight… Well anyway, good transports!


@pepe68 good to know thank you. Yah i have the same problem here in Singapore a real block for future purchases of PS Audio products.


@pepe: look from time to time at - many people use PWT only to archive there own cd´s an then sold the unit. I have buy my PWT for about 1800.- € on that side . Before i had seen one for 1600.- in gray. I wan´t black.

Willi from Austria


Definitely the Rega!!

The PWD is a very clean sounding DAC and adding another very clean sounding transport like the M1 CDT will make it all sound too clean and in my opinion boring.

The Rega is known for their warm and natural sound. IMHO a perfect match with the PWD.

I have used the PWT with the PWD and it all sounded too clean, too much detail and lacking emotion and warmth.


This is an intriguing observation.

I find transports to differ only in clarity, transparency and openness - all of which I find good. I have not heard a transport providing either a warm sound or one "lacking emotion and warmth."

I have four transports connected to my PWD at the moment (odd, yes) and do not find they differ in warmth. I prefer the PWT for its final transparency, but all sound excellent.


I’ve used the PWT, M1 CDT and an oppo bdp-95 as transport into a PWD.

That sound doesn’t excite me, its too clean. Almost unnatural. They do their job too good almost. Music (for me) should sound organic, as if the music is performed in front of you and I think that the Rega Apollo-R combined with the pwd do a better job at that. If you want a warmer and even more natural sound. Try the combination Rega Apollo-R with the Bryston BDA-1 or 2. You’ll get the detail, but more natural (realistic).