Used DMP vs used PWT vs new Rega Apollo

Been vacillating on the purchase of a cd player/transport. Stereophile really likes the Rega Apollo for $1000, but recently thought about a used PWT or DMP. I’m assuming that I could also rip my cd collection with those as well. I apologize for the following example of ignorance: We currently have our cd library ripped to Apple Music. I did that with a basic LG DVD Writer. Will I be able to rip to Apple Music from the PWT or DMP and will they sound noticeably better? If not, maybe just stay with a conventional cd player/transport. OR, should I be thinking about ripping to some other format? (Magnepan 1.7/Rel Storm Sub/M700 Monoblocks/Signature Preamp/Cambridge Azur 851N dac/streamer)


Neither the PWT nor the DMP are “rippers” (as far as I know).

I ripped all of my CDs to my iMac using an Apple drive, which attaches via the ubiquitous
USB connector. You could do the same with a PC and the appropriate peripherals, then transfer the files to any media or NAS you choose.

Just be sure to spring for a good “ripping software”, like dB Poweramp Music Converter to ensure accurate ripping and metadata incorporation, lookup and tagging.

Get the DMP. Nothing comes close in sound quality to the DMP, especially SACD. But you will need a DS Jr or DS Sr to get the SACD layer from the DMP. It’s about the best digital you can get unless you can afford to go uber and get DCS or Esoteric. Forget Rega, it’s not in the same ballpark as the DMP.

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Are you suggesting that there is a “ripping program” that “sits” between the LG /Apple drive and the iTunes/Apple Music on the computer? I’m willing too re-rip, but sure would want to be sure that there is a marked improvement in the sound.

What are your thoughts about a used PWT? The new Rega is just about the same price as a used PWT. I love the idea of the DMP, but that is a slightly longer stretch, financially.

Do some research RE: “dB Poweramp” software.

I use it to rip CDs.


Thanks for the quick reply

+1 for dBpoweramp. Recently downloaded a hi-res file from the ‘Qobuz’ streaming service. The metadata shows it was ripped using dBpPoweramp.

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The pwt is definitely superior to a Rega. The dmp is a significant step up from the pwt though.

Except the DMP appears to suffer from reliability issues that the PWT never had.

I only had one reliability issue where i had to send the DMP in for repair. The issue they found was a bad solder joint. The machine would not complete initializing. Other than that the issues have been operational and Barry has managed to overcome most but not all of them. Believe me i would much rather have the PWT for operational performance but the sonic difference won’t all ow that for me. I would have been alright if i never heard the DMP in my system.