Transport or memory player

PWT called transport, now called memory player, any upgrade after its first release?


Click, downloads PWT 1.22 is the latest.

So hardware is the same? Thanks!

Yes, just a change in the name.

Cleared and thank you! Can start to source it

Parasound came out with a CD player that was marketed as and referred to in the audiophile press as a “memory player” in 2013 or 14. The writers implied that the Parasound product was a novel idea. Was it the 1st self-contained CD player to cache information? If I’m not mistaken, the PWT has been around since 2009 or 10. The difference between the two is that the PWT is a transport (no internal DAC).

Nah, e.g. has been around for something like 10 years. (I remember there was plenty of discussion about at the AudioAsylum at the time and probably elsewhere.)

Is there any way to play standard sacd discs in the player? I know that to copy them would possibly be a problem for a number of reasons but since the i2s connection is an hdmi cable is there any way of telling the PWT it’s ok to decode the sacd and send it to the directstream?

Unfortunately, no; SACD needs a different laser, etc.

What about burning a disk to dop DSd ??