Perfect Wave Transport playing SACDs

Good afternoon everyone.

A quick question, will the original Perfect Wave Transport play SACD’s? I know the new one does, but wondered about the older one.

I am currently using a PS Audio Lambda that I have had from new and was looking at upgrading the Dac/Transport to a newer model.

Interestingly, the Lambda will play SACD’s after it has warmed up for an hour.

No, it will not. Only the current one, and its predecessor the DirectStream Memory Player will send DSD data to the appropriate PS Audio DACs.

Hi Lonson

I downloaded the user manual for the Perfect Wave and it says that it will play them, as long as it is an SACD with a cd layer, rather than pure SACD.

Have I misunderstood?

Will also be changing the Ultralink DAC for a Perfect Wave Mk 2.

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I believe you’re playing/hearing the CD layer.


The manual says The PWT plays high-resolution audio WAV files, standard CDs, dual layer SACDs
(that have a CD layer) and compilations on either CD, CDR, DVD or DVDR media. The PWT will
not play SACD only or DVDA discs.


Well, you haven’t misunderstood per se. As said above it will play the Redbook cd layer of a hybrid SACD, but will not pass on the DSD layer, and thus will not read a non-hybrid (SACD only) SACD disc.


Sort of…

This means SACDs with CD and SACD layers may be played on a PWT.

The “unspoken part” is this also means only the CD layer on so-called dual discs can be read and played by the PWT.

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Also confusing; as I am sure CD players like the PWT will not play the “SACD content” of whatever shiny disc packaging you pulled that sticker off of.

Happy to learn differently, if someone can show me the error of my ways.

Nope! Just adding something buyers of hybrid SACDs see lots of.

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Thank you for all your answers. I guess if my 30 year old Lambda can play the SACD’s, then no reason that this one cannot! Obviously the newer SACD would sound better, but if it is equal sound quality to my Lambda, I will be a very happy listener.

Top marks to PS Audio for making a player that not only lasts 30 years, but sounds as good as when I bought it. Full respect to Paul and the team!!

You would be playing the CD layer of the SACD with the Lamda and that would also be true with the PWT.

The older PWT (and the Lambda) cannot play the DSD layer of SACDs but they both can play the CD layer of a dual SACD.

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Thank you Paul, as I said above, Top marks to PS Audio for making a player that not only lasts 30 years, but sounds as good as when I bought it. Full respect to Paul and the team!!

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Thanks! That’s a very kind note.

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Hi Paul, can I just check something regarding your trade in offer?

When I bought the Lambda/Ultralink, they were approximately £5500, that was 30 years ago. Surely you would not offer anything like that as a trade in against a Perfect Wave SACD transport?

Well, if you are in the US then yes, we would.


Hi Paul, so you would offer for example $5500 for my 30 year old transport and dac, against a new Perfect Wave SACD if I was in the USA? If this is the case, can I ship it to you and arrange the shipping from you to France?