PWT occasionally freezes

I have an 8 year old PWT which functions flawlessly for the most part but a couple of times in the past few months I’ve noticed that if I put a disc in the transport disc tray and close the drawer but if I don’t play the disc for a while the transport will freeze and will require reinstalling the machine by turning it off and then on from the back of the transport.This has only happened two or three times in several months and only if I put in a disc and then not play it for a little while. Otherwise my PWT works flawlessly. I purchased a spare transport and converter piece just as insurance in case the drive goes in the future. Does it sound like my drive is beginning to go or is this a normal type of quirk?

As I recall, I had the same problem with my PWT (when I still had it). If I left a CD loaded for an extended period of time, the whole unit would become unresponsive and I would have to power cycle to reset it.

Was it part of an impending larger problem or did you do what I do and simply not leave discs in the transport when not playing them.

I have the same problem when it sits for a long time. It’s just a quirk that isn’t a big deal. I guess that it gets confused.

I love my PWT. 8 years and going strong! With a Wireworld Platinum Starlight HDMI cable from PWT to DS the sound is good.

In my case, I just got lazy and left discs in the PWT after they finished playing. Like watchdog, I just chalked it up to an annoying quirk and did not worry about it.

At least it is a normal quirk and not system failure!

How does the old PWT compare to the SACD Memory player that came after It and does anyone know how the PWT compares to the new SACD memory player? I have around 2000 discs and maybe 4 have a SACD layer. I don’t own a single pure SACD so I wonder if I’m doing close to current with my PWT? It sounds better since I’ve discovered I2S and Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 HDMI cable to DS.

For me, the DMP was an improvement for CD sound quality, so I traded in my PWT for the DMP. My equipment is CD transport to Direct Stream DAC (Sr.), Audio Research LS27 preamp, BHK250 power amp, Vandersteen Treo carbon speakers and REL S/5 subs.

Plus if you have a PS Audio Direct Stream DAC (Jr. or Sr.), the DMP can send full resolution SACD to the DAC over I2S. However, the DMP is no longer available, so if you want one of those you will need to find one used. Try looking on HiFiShark.

The new SACD transport should be going to Beta soon. Price will be $6499 and it will no longer have a touch screen. So, if you like the touch screen and album art display from the PWT, you will want a DMP if you want to keep the touch screen.

I’m thinking to stay with my PWT for now as although the sound quality may be a little better with the DMP I’m probably doing well with my PWT. What I thought was my disc drive failing is actually a known common quirk with the PWT’s. 8 years and going strong if the disc drive does eventually fail I have a new spare drive unit to replace the original one with. I think if I were to upgrade my transport I would also upgrade my dac and get something crazy nice. I just recently got my DS to replace my PWD and I am not disappointed.

The reason to get a DMP is to able to play a SACD with the DS. I find the DMP completely blows away any SACD player from Marantz or the like. I had a Marantz SA11 S3 and and the CD’s and SACD’s was unbearable, it’s so digital sounding. But with the DMP, I’m in heaven. I don’t want the music to stop!! It’s really that much of an improvement!! That’s playing SACD’s. CD’s is not that much behind in sound!!

How are you and the DS getting along?

Care to share you impressions in terms of comparison to the PWD (MK II I presume)?

I have found the DS (especially in light of the last three firmware changes) to be one of the two or three most significant major advancements in sound quality in my system so far during my Hi-Fi journey.


I agree the DS a major improvement to my system. The Bridge II opened new doors. A major upgrade indeed!

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I find that although the PWD MkII had nice sound the DS has a nicer fuller sound with a much larger distinct sound stage left to right top to bottom with the sound feeling all around you, like your in the sound. The DS is more of an overall experience as opposed to just nice sound like the PWT MkII presented. It was a great sounding upgrade. Many people claim the DS not worth a $6000 dac but most people get them for less especially used. I was lucky to get a new old stock being 3 or 4 years old but obviously never used in new condition. It enjoyed a good burn in time period but was fun to hear burn in. It took a few weeks to settle down.

Great description. I don’t disagree.

For me, one of the most outstanding differences b/t the two DACs (and one of the Sr.'s strengths) is the DS ability to dig deep into the blackness and resolve low-level content and separate voices and instruments in their own space.

It is a bit of a cliche but, I really did/do hear things on recordings that I never knew was there with this DAC. I especially love the way voices making up duets and harmonies are separate and discernible, resulting in a whole new level of musicality and artistry – at least to my ears.

Thanks for the feedback.