Trichotomy is a jazz group that I was just introduced to courtesy of the HD Tracks e-mail ads. Alas, the samples on HD Tracks are so short that they are all but worthless, so I started my search for a longer listen. The samples on the Naim site may be a tad longer than HD Tracks, but maybe not. Further searching turned up the group’s website:

Fortunately, you can audition the full album on their website. From there they have a link to their Bandcamp sales portal:

I happen to like purchasing from Bandcamp, as you can listen to the entire album before deciding to buy, purchasing on Bandcamp is often less than other retail sources, and as far as I know Bandcamp takes a smaller percentage of the sale than most (more goes to the artist - I hope). Also, when purchasing from Bandcamp, you can choose from a variety of file formats, so you are likely to get it in whatever format you prefer and not have to transcode to store in your preferred format.

Anyway… now I can listen to the entire album before purchasing. Right now I am listening to their album Fact Finding Mission and I find that I like what I am hearing. Odds are good that I will purchase at least one, and maybe all three of their albums from Bandcamp. I like them enough that I figured it was a good idea to share with you so that you can join me in enjoying Trichotomy.



Excellent. Thanks JP. I love learning about new online sources for lossless and hi-def music.




thank JP - looks like they have some interesting music. I like sites like bandcamp - it’s the new record store and it can be fun to rummage around and listen.


Very nice. Just listened to “Strom.” Piano makes me think of Bill Evans. I think I will purchase! I enjoyed the wonderfully nerdy video; kind of refreshing.