Time Out ~ The Dave Brubeck Quartet

Good day, yes realkly good day news; this album is had been release in the great dsd 256 :hugs:

This album together with Somethin’ Else (both release by High Defiinition Tape Transfers) and some albums by Louis and the Duke is the greatest jazz ever for me;

I belive the best version before this dsd 256 release were just vinyl;
the digital versions were good but not amazing in my opinion; when listening via headphone (i had not purchase this release yet but soon will do) it sound amazin and natural as it should be no eq, remix or nothis just direct from the 15 ips master tape (could that be the master tape?);
here it is:


A discussion is already in progress here:

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@Buho, I agree with your assessment that this DSD256 release is excellent. It is not from the master tape, but it is from a 15ips tape that is very close to the master. (And this is all that Bob Witrak will say. :wink: )

As @st50maint notes, there are a series of posts now about this new release in the High Definition Tape Transfer thread. Please add your thoughts!

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good to know anyway good to have a thred with this title only :upside_down_face:

Thanks. I got it and am enjoying it right now. I liked the SACD(s), but this sounds much more real.


is in this releases the outtakes also? if im not wrong the out takes is also on the master tape?


ps. these outtakes feels like another album :rofl:

ps.2 thanks Ted :smile:

The DSD256 download is simply the seven original released tracks.