Trigger on the Directstream DAC?

Does it have a trigger out so that you can turn the BHK amp on and off? If not how do you power the amps on and off (other than flipping the physical button)?



The DS does not have a 12V trigger, too bad as I would use it. I just use the button on the front of the amp to toggle between Play and Stand-by. The BHK Pre Amp does have a 12V trigger, but I am resisting another large investment.

Yes - seems like a lot of money to spend on a power trigger

For that purpose alone, absolutely! I have yet to read of anyone say the BHK Pre-amp did not improve the sound of their system, but just the same I’m resisting. I’m sure there is a way to build a box to provide the 12V trigger, but I have no problem with pressing the button on the front of the BHK250. I will add that I started using a microfiber cloth (for cleaning glasses) to press the button since the silkscreen logo does wear off. I had the front panel replaced on my amp so I got a fresh start.

pmotz said I have no problem with pressing the button on the front of the BHK250.
You are one tough, dedicated audiophile.

Arrgh, don’t get me started. If I remember right, Paul forgot to put the trigger on the PWD when it first came out, then that became PWD II, then DS, and the trigger was never added. I remember during the long wait for PWD to be released that I wished it’d have a trigger, but Paul said ‘oops’ when it came out without one. So here we are.

To get around that, I use a Harmony Hub universal remote and can power up the entire system with the touch of one button on the remote. So no trigger needed.


Elk said

You are one tough, dedicated audiophile.

Only the strong survive around here …

how about to use USB port on the back of directstream to trigger amp?

usb has 5V and amp will accept anything between 5 and 12 volts.

all you need to do is make a cable USB to 3.5mm mono.

it will output 5 vols and will trigger amp on