Trouble playing DSD 256 on DS Senior

I’m having trouble playing DSD 256 files on my DirectStream Senior DAC. The DAC has Sunlight loaded. My Aurender N20 server is normally connected with an XLR cable. Since the XLR connection does not transmit DSD to the DAC, I just added a USB cable. When I first tried USB, the DAC played all files including DSD 64 but had no sound for the DSD256 files, Finally, it did play several DSD 256 files but then again would not play them. I don’t know what I did different for the several times it worked. The XLR connection plays everything but converts to DSD to PCM mode. Any ideas on how to fix?

Only the I2S input on the DS will work with DSD256. Get a USB to I2S convertor like the Matrix SPDIF 2 and feed that to your DAC through I2S with a HDMI cable. Then it will work.


XLR is limited to 192/24. @waymanchen11 is correct. I use the Matrix Spdif II with my Directstream. The new MK 2 Dac will do DSD thru I2S and USB.

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Thank you for the information. Another good reason to get the MK2 ASAP!

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But even with the MKII, I2S may still be the superior input, tho the USB input is improved, I still believe I2S is the way to go. I hope I am wrong. We’ll have to wait and see.

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