DSD256 Stutter on DS MkII

I have a problem trying to play DSD256 files using the USB connection on my DS MKII. Randomly, I get stutters or momentary drop outs. The stutter is very quick but is noticeable. This does not occur when I connect with the XLR input on my DS MKII. The DSD256 files are stored on my Aurender N20. Can anyone help?

I experienced exactly this when I had a USB regen in the signal path… removed it and no issues since, although I do not have a lot of DSD256 material. which cable are you using? (Cardas here.)

Exactly the same issue here. USB out of a Holo Audio Red gives me momentary dropouts during DSD256 playback.
I2S out of the Red has no issues.

Thank you for your responses. My DS MKII and Aurender are direct connected with a Nordost USB cable and Nordost XLR cable. Unfortunately, Aurender does not have an I2S connection.

Ok so I greatly doubt that the problem is your cable although that said, I would try another if you can, just to definitively exclude it as a possible cause. As I mentioned I don’t have a lot of DSD256 files but later this morning I will give it another shot and see if I have any issues. I listed the other day to some Bill Evans at 256 but the thing about that kind of jazz is that sometimes if there are dropouts you wouldn’t necessarily know it. :slight_smile: It seemed to be OK though.

I’ve listened to two jazz and one classical albums (about 3 hours) today. No dropouts. I can’t explain but over time the problem has seemed to lessen. But never before no dropouts over that period of time. Guess I’ll just continue to mix in a sampling of DSD256 files and see what happens. I’ll do an update if I experience more. Thank you for the input.

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I had a Euphony Summus 2 streamer with 2TB interior SSD, and I never had a drop-off on DSD256 and other formats with MK2.

Now I use a Lumin U2 with an exterior Samsung T7 4TB SSD, and I have never had a drop-off on DSD256 either with MK2. I have over 50 DSD256 files.

I have tried at least 6 USB cables between the streamers and MK2, they all work fine without issues.

I use to have loud pops at the end of some DSD256 tracks with the MKI. MK2 has been glitch free since I first got it until now. Dropout 1 minute into track 1 and 4 minutes into track 4 of Chinese Recorder Concertos. First time ever that has happened using USB into MK2 and I have many, many DSD256 files. I don’t know if it could also be the recording is defective. I contacted Native DSD and they couldn’t find anything wrong with the file.

Did you already try downsampling to see if it is the file itself?

No, downsampling probably would not make a difference. I gave the file to my brother to try with his Esoteric Dac and sure enough, 1 minute into the first track, the same drop out and loud crackling noise on his system also, and it’s also the first time it happened in his system, so I’m pretty sure it’s a defective file. On the fourth track it did the same thing at the same place with his system also.


It has not been tied into any particular file for me. The dropouts have come randomly with any particular file not always having or not having a dropout. As I mentioned, the other day I played files for about 3 hours without any dropouts. Those same files, on other days, had some dropouts.