Trying to open the BHK-300

I’m trying to open my BHK-300s to roll the tubes and they won’t open. Wondering how people do it.

No need to get the top off, we included an easily accessible window on the back of the unit. Take a look:

You just need to power down the unit, undo the 2 screws above the inputs and then you can access the tubes.

Hope this info helps! Let me know if you run into any trouble.

Right. I tried and tried and they wouldn’t open. And then…

They did.

I’m sure you know by now, I’m pretty sure, they’re half turn, self captive fasteners

Right. We couldn’t budge the first screw. Tried repeatedly. I was about to spray it with WD-40. And then it moved.


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Switching on the tubes, “there’s nothing like the smell of WD40 in the morning”…


“…it smells like, Music!”


Exactly… taking it as far as one can go. :grin::grin:

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Should I explain that if I did I was going to spray down, using the little red attachment that channels the stuff? None would have gone in.

Thank God it doesn’t smell like WD-40… Whahaha…

It would be smellasound - kind of like smellavision only for stereo

On a more serious note. I would never spray WD40 anywhere near my electronics. I use a longer Phillips bit only with no screwdriver and finger tighten the retaining screws. This way they’ll easily loosen. If you’re not careful and you have a slip there will be a scratch inevitability.

Once they came off, which I hope was clear was not easy, I finger tightened them.

Dan this was not a criticism. I’m a klutz and inevitably I would ding something. In my old age I’ve just become cautious.