Tube rolling on DS Senior

Click bait! Sorry couldn’t resist guys/gals.
Finally got my DSD senior today, battling through crappy highways from a massive snowfall.
Off the start from cold, more texture in vocals compared to my Bryston BDP-2 and BDA-2 combo, with more sense of ease in presentation and space as the hours are pushing through.

It will be interesting to hear how the unit breaks in. It is special for sure.
On another note, it seems the courier decided to drop the box. Luckily they are packaged soo well. I wish I could get a new box though.

I have the Bridge II installed. All latest updates for the DAC and bridge from factory. Phase setting definitely influences the sound in vocals and bass.
Not sure but what is the difference between Mcontrol HD and MconnectHD? They seem to both unfold MQA and I don’t notice any other differences on the surface.


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Ha ha…tubes in the Directstream…that would be cool. We’d have a thousand other new options to drive us crazy.

You don’t roll tubes in your DS, you get to roll firmware instead! LOL.

Although honestly, I can’t think of any firmware that I prefer over snowcloud at this point in time.

Your DS is going to sound significantly better a couple of weeks from now than it does today. And it will sound ever better still a month from now. So if I were you, I’d set it to just stream 24/7 until it has finished burning-in.


Border Patrol Audio does have a dac with a tube but I have not heard any discussions of people swapping the tube to get better sound quality.

I would find it interesting to hear peoples opinions on tubes, the models they prefer and why.

Also @RsZk enjoy the new piece of kit.

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Tube buffer would give you that option. :sunglasses:

Who knew?!..nice :upside_down_face:

Very subtle warmth added. Uses 6DJ8, 6922, 7308, 7DJ8 series tubes.

I just read their website. Very interesting way of tackling it.

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Just pair your DS Sr. with a nice tube preamp and you get the best of both worlds ;^ )

I actually have the BHK pre and BHK 300’s with Tungsram NOS tubes on all pieces.

On another note looks like break in woes are in full force. 25 hours of continuous play so far in the DSD Sr. and it’s definitely needing a lot more time. I will play it continuously for a month.

The Border Patrol has a rectifier tube instead of an output tube. And people do roll the BP rectifier tube to adjust the sound.