Tube rolling - tight templates


I got caught up with the discussion on the kit some BHK amp users received - the tube expander, demo CD, spare set of tubes.

I was going to roll the tubes in my BHK 250 to matched Phillips 6922s and found that removing and inserting the first GL tube was very tight and I abandoned my exercise in rolling for fear of bending the pins or breaking the tube. When I read about the tube expander it seemed just the right thing. I contacted Paul and received this tool to loosen up the tube template holes (as all the expander templates were gone) with the advice to use it gently to expand the individual pin holes.


Has anyone else tried something similar? Or is there a trick in knowing when to push firmly to seat the tube versus pushing a misaligned tube and bending the pins?

Appreciate any advice.


There are two tools that everyone who rolls tubes should have, a pin straightener and a tube puller. I found some examples, but I would shop around for a better price.

Pin straightener (I use one of these on every tube, before installing, new or NOS):

Puller (especially helpful in tight spaces):

Neat little gadgets.

I have dealt with dozens of tubes of various sizes without an issue, but if there was a problem these tools could come in handy.