Tube flew out into BHK 250

I was swapping out the tubes in my 250 and when I pulled one it seems to have flown off, up and back into the amp itself where I can’t get it. Has this ever happened to anyone? How did you get it out?

I use anti static gloves to prevent this sort of mishap. The lid will have to come off.

With the tube pins exposed inside the amp…I wouldn’t power it back up…could cause a short and damage the circuitry.

If I take the lid of does that void the warranty? Is that the screw on the sides?

I’m dead in the water until I can get that tube out.

I hope it’s easier to take apart than the DirectStream Sr :^ /

They really need to put a little screen in there so they don’t have that gap right behind the tubes.

There should be a how to video somewhere on the PS Audio site. You need to gently flip it over. Usually 4 dark screws on the bottom. I’ve never had mine flipped over. But have been into my other devices and the 4 dark screws secure the top. I use a glass fitters suction device to lift recalcitrant tops.

@IanB52 - you might retrieve the tube with a flexible magnetic wand and concentrate on the pins. That $5 device has got me out of a lot of jams.

Here is the tool that would help - Pick Up Tool, DIB2805 Flexible Silver With Tail Needle Retrieval Pen Pick Up Tool Telescopic Handheld Tool Magnetic Extending

The Tool

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Such a tool, plus a mirror on s flexible telescoping rod, are wonderful things.

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Have you tried just tipping it up on its end and see if the tube will either fall out or move to where you can reach it?

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I ended up flipping it over and then tipping it on end and then the tube easily fell out. It was a little tricky with the weight of the amp, but much better option than taking the whole thing apart…

I wouldn’t stick any magnets in there without PSA’s blessing.
I have no idea if a magnet could do any harm, but I would ask. Obviously you got it out, so no need.
There are tube pullers, I bought some along with pin straighteners on eBay, many years ago.
I usually don’t need the pullers, but I use the pin straighteners. They really came in handy when I bought 72 tubes. I was able to sort, clean, straighten the pins, test, and match 6CG7/6FQ7, 12AX7, 12AU7.
At the time I had a preamp that used the 6CG7.