Tube coolers for BHK Preamp and 250 amp

I’m considering adding some Pearl tube coolers to the BHK Preamp and 250 amp. I have not opened either of them to check the spacing between the tubes, but would like to know if I could get the measurement between the tubes to make sure these will fit. I got a bit of a hard time getting to these places and want to only open them up once. Link to page


I would bet they will not fit the preamp. That small board mounted vertically behind the tube is too close.

I am using the Pearl tube coolers in my BHK preamo with 6SN7 tubes. Since the tube adapter is about an inch tall, they clear the way for the tube cooler perfectly. I dont use the rubber bands in them though.

I wasn’t worried about the height so much as the space around them. From the manual it looks like there are some components and boards that might be in the way. Guess I’’ have to take apart the system to know for sure?