Turntable to Schiit Loki Mini+ to Sprout Vinyl input

Hi folks,

Hifi novice here …

I see that laptop to Loki to Sprout has been discussed before (issues around extra DAC needed), but would turntable to Schiit Loki Mini+ to Sprout Vinyl input work?

If so, do folks think it would be worth it?

Thanks in advance.


Welcome back to the forums Rusty!

The problem with what you propose is that the recordings on records are compressed by something called RIAA equalization. Do some google diving on that term to understand what it does.

You should connect the turntable to the sprout Vinyl or Phono input, put a record on, and enjoy the results.

If you are hell-bent on adding a tone control like the Loki Mini+, you must purchase a phono preamplifier like the Schitt Mani or Skoll. You would plug your turntable into the preamp, then plug the output of the preamp into the Loki Mini+, and then plug the output of the Loki Mini+ into the sprout Analog input.

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Thanks for the reply. Of course, the phono amp needs to be between the turntable and Loki+. Not to worry, I will carry on enjoying the excellent results of turntable to vinyl on the Sprout!