UK Institure of Physics Talk on Thermionic Valves

Open talk, no cost, you don’t have to be an IoP member, just register for the talk :slight_smile:

You don’t need to be a member, but you will need to register:

This event will be very different, there will be no PowerPoint Presentation, rather we will look at examples of valves from the Radio Museum, their operation will be described using a flipchart and there will be a demonstration of valves working on the valve tester.

“We will start with a description of the Edison Effect Lamp, which was patented on 15th November 1883 and is the worlds first electronic patent. We will then progress through diodes, triodes, tetrodes, beam tetrodes and pentodes learning about the various ideas and techniques of engineers in the early to mid twentieth century. Our first valve will be an Osram Type R, the first valve to be commercially made in the UK. Our example is from September - October 1918 and was made for the RAF.”


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Just registered John.

Thank you.

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hoping to “attend” myself - the museum is about 30 miles from me, in saner times i might consider doing the trek :slight_smile:

I saw this yesterday and followed the link. Sounds real interesting, but saw it is supposed to be two hours long. I’m away from home and using cell data so this will eat up some data (not really a problem) and could have connectivity issues (slow connection speeds). If they offer it for viewing after the fact I will try to watch.

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Aye one would hope that they will - most of these things do (though it might require IoP membership to view the recording.
I am not a member, but I know a couple of folks who are so I will enquire :slight_smile:

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Don’t know if anyone else watched it but it was interesting and quite technical, much more for engineers than audiophiles. Also a little difficult for me as the presenters accent and the way they did the video gave me trouble. Still a cool 2 hours and change.

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i missed it due to pesky migraine, hopin gb it can be viewed afterwards, i shall report back if so :slight_smile:

Someone asked in the chat window if the presentation was being recorded and someone answered no but I don’t know if that’s true. Seems a shame if it wasn’t