JansZen Electrostatic Speakers Factory Tour

I have not posted on the forum in a long time, but something very exciting has come up. I wanted to make those who live in the Columbus, OH aware that David Janszen will be hosting a factory tour on Saturday August 8 at 11am. He is limiting the number to eight people. If you care to attend please RSVP David via the janszenaudio.com website.

It is long over do, but we would like to start a Columbus Audiophile Society and will be discussing this further on 08/06/16.

Welcome back drpain!!! You’ve been missed. Sorry I won’t be in the neighborhood.

Hey, sorry, I’ve been off the grid in the U.P. Sounds great to me if I am in town. The Social Director has proposed a possible trip to N.C. but if this does not happen, count me in.

Will, where in the UP?

Please Note Date Correction, The JansZen Factory tour is Saturday August 6, 2016 at 11am.

Thanks Stevem2

Will, I hope you can make it.

I would be happy babysit your PSA Preamp while you are gone. I promise to keep it safe and warm, and keep it entertained.wink

@pmotz: Stopped at Mackinac on the way up and back. Did the pictured rocks kayak trip and wandered around a bit to waterfalls and breweries. Sleeping Bear on the way up, too. I’m from Kazoo, originally. That must account for my love of sandy soil and Dutch girls.cool

@drpain: I’m already back but you know that you are welcome to give it a try anytime. I’ll let you know about the 6th. Maybe Galen and I can ride over together.party_gif